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The Miracle Ball Method

Revised Edition

With over 1.5 million copies in print, the first edition was a revolution. This method of pain management and stress reduction provided life-changing benefits for thousands of people for almost two decades.

The Miracle Ball Method Branding - Elaine Petrone, Stamford CT

8-Week Class Series Start in January  

A series of one-hour classes each week for 8 weeks. Great for beginners and those experienced with the method.

Elaine Petrone's Miracle Ball Method


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Why your back hurts:
And what to do about it

Why Miracle Ball Method for an Ageless Body:

Here 5 things that you should know as you age,

  • We gradually lose feeling in Key areas of the body.
  • We don’t have trouble moving as much as feeling movement.
  • We breathe less as we age.
  • We don’t have trouble breathing, we aren’t aware we hold our breath.
  • You will not reach your full potential with exercise alone.
We train ourselves to Age. Most of us are not aware how we are ruled by our physical habits. Year after year, essentially reinforcing the same breathing and movement patterns. There are hundreds of amazing exercise programs out there. The Miracle Ball Method is not exercise. It is essential as we age to rewind, relearn and “un” do for our body to stay flexible, free of pain, and look amazing!

The Miracle Ball Method was recently recommended online in:

Elaine Petrone Miracle Ball Method


Can you get through each day without a hint of ache, pain, stress, anxiety or some feeling of physical ‘just not quite right’? If not, the answer is a resounding “Yes, the Miracle Ball Method can help you!”

Each of our bodies is unique and maneuver slightly differently, which can create conditions that often result in the “Cycle of Pain” (Tight muscles = stress = poor breathing — from a chronic condition or an injury).

Being trapped in the pain and discomfort of this cycle causes us to hold our breath for relief (interesting idea, huh?), which only leads to more pain and discomfort, which then leads to potentially elevated stress levels, and then can lead to chronic situations… and round and round we go.

-Elaine Petrone


Loosen tight muscles so you can move more freely, improve circulation, relieve backaches, neck tension, shoulder stiffness, and even anxiety.

Knee pain relief with Miracle Ball Method


Undo habitual postures that shorten, tighten and bulk up your body. Your muscles will adjust, lengthen and become more supple.


Your breathing will improve and your body’s proper alignment will return, as well as a sense of balance and harmony.

The Miracle Ball Method

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Excess tension in your muscles can be the result of accidents, daily stress or misalignment issues like scoliosis and poor posture.

The Miracle Ball Method™ relieves this excess muscle tension and you will find you have more freedom of movement and improved circulation. Your muscles become more supple, you will feel more parts of your body, breathing improves and your body’s innate sense of balance to realign is realized. Stress and pain is then lifted from your body.