Imagine having the active lifestyle you crave
PLUS the added benefit of a rewarding mind-body connection

— all achieved by YOU and the Miracle Ball Method.
Learn and practice the method to start the process of “un-doing” to break the cycle of pain.

Can you get through each day without a hint of ache, pain, stress, anxiety or some feeling of physical ‘just not quite right’? If not, the answer is a resounding “Yes, the Miracle Ball Method can help you!”

Each of our bodies is unique and maneuver slightly differently, which can create conditions that often result in the “Cycle of Pain” (Tight muscles = stress = poor breathing — from a chronic condition or an injury).

Being trapped in the pain and discomfort of this cycle causes us to hold our breath for relief (interesting idea, huh?), which only leads to more pain and discomfort, which then leads to potentially elevated stress levels, and then can lead to chronic situations… and round and round we go.

-Elaine Petrone

What is The Miracle Ball Method™?

A way to relieve pain, reduce tension and align and reshape your body. Balls allow you to release the holding or tension. The balls helps you create a feeling-and-healing mind-body connection through steady breathing and strategic use of the miracle balls. It’s astounding that our bodies, through a brain-body connection, know how to recover.

What it is NOT:

It is not an exercise or massage program.

Why It Works:

The breathing and the balls provide a resting and feeling “spot” for your body, creating a neurological communication with your brain, and with a slight assist from gravity begins to loosen up tight muscles. And by lying on the balls you are able to listen to what your body is telling you.

How hips on 2 balls can help relieve tension.

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