Imagine having the active lifestyle you crave PLUS the added benefit of a rewarding mind-body connection — all achieved by YOU and the Miracle Ball Method. Learn and practice the Miracle Ball Method to start the process of “un-doing” to break the cycle of pain.

What is The Miracle Ball Method™?
A way to relieve pain, reduce tension and align and reshape your body. Balls allow you to release the holding or tension. The balls helps you create a feeling-and-healing mind-body connection through steady breathing and strategic use of the miracle balls. It’s astounding that our bodies, through a brain-body connection, know how to recover.

What it is NOT:
It is not an exercise or massage program.

Why It Works:
The breathing and the balls provide a resting and feeling “spot” for your body, creating a neurological communication with your brain, and with a slight assist from gravity begins to loosen up tight muscles. And by lying on the balls you are able to listen to what your body is telling you.