The Miracle Ball Method™ Online Training – Level 1

Excellent eight hour training for both the health and wellness professional and the lay person. This training is designed to do yourself at your own pace.

  • Three sections – Exploration, Experience and Education
  • Eight video classes demonstrating the Method as well as supportive videos to answer frequently asked questions.
  • Level 1 certification upon completion of requirements

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Zoom Teacher Training Course with Elaine

The Miracle Ball Method™ 8-Week Training

This classes will include the basics of the method and apply them to concerns related to chronic low back ache, knee and hip problems, scoliosis, shoulder and neck issues, elevated stress, anxiety and more. We will do this by focusing specifically on what makes the method work. As  a teacher, meeting your personal needs and answering your questions, are what makes you more confident when leading others in a class and helping others feel better.

This course runs for 8 weeks. There is limited enrollment in order to answer individual questions and meet the needs of each participant.

The next 8-week Zoom teacher training is coming soon!

Please feel free to reach out with questions or for more information at elaine@elainepetrone.com

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The Miracle Ball Method™ Instructor Certification

TRAIN: The Miracle Ball Method™ Instructor Certification gives you the opportunity to grow both personally and professionally in the method. As you explore the essential components of the method, your teaching skills develop gradually and naturally from that personal experience and understanding.

TEACH: After you complete the certification course and receive your certificate, you can begin teaching others based on the level of your training you have received up to that time. This will help you grow as a teacher in the method.

LEARN: Become fluid in the language of the Method using basic MBM tools such as: Body Formula; Body Dialogue; Whole Body Moves; Check-ins & Class Structure; 12 different ball placements

INSPIRE: Join The Miracle Ball Method™ community; share experiences; educate your community; ask questions; get advice.

The Miracle Ball Method™ (MBM) is a revolutionary approach to health and fitness! This is NOT an exercise program. Exercise is designed to increase muscle tension. The MBM is designed to decrease the excess muscle tension in the body thus allowing ones own alignment system to adjust and rebalance. People are spending more and more time sitting at computers, are dealing with stress from jobs, home, and just everyday life, as a result it is very common to have chronic issues such as low back ache, neck and shoulder pain, carpel tunnel and sciatic pain, just to name a few. All these issues are difficult to relieve because most of us are not aware of how to change some key areas of the body. The Miracle Ball Method™ makes it user friendly for the average person to get results.

The MBM Instructor Certification will give you the tools to help people who suffer from a wide range of health conditions. They will also be able to continually use your services, uninterrupted by down-time resulting from these conditions based on the methods you will have learned as a certified Miracle Ball Method™ Instructor.

See “TESTIMONIALS” for positive reviews and comments about the MBM method from doctors and physical therapists, trainers and customers.

The licensing fee is $95.

The Miracle Ball Method™ Instructor Certification Requirements

There are three levels of Certification and detailed descriptions of requirements are below:

Notes for Certified Instructors