Do you own a yoga or fitness studio? Are you a personal trainer, physical therapist, or a massage therapist? Becoming a Certified MBM Instructor will help grow your practice and add income to your business by retaining clients, and by offering products such as MBM books and balls.

 Elaine Petrone, author of the bestselling Miracle Ball Method books will be offering a training which includes:

  • 6 Months online classes, make your own schedule * (minimum 24 class hours to complete training)
  • Monthly individual sessions with Elaine for guidance as you plan your program
  • Deepen your personal understanding of the method
  • Learn how to structure your own classes
  • Workshops with other trainers for specific conditions for example, chronic low back aches, carpal tunner, tight neck and shoulder, postural complaints and much more.
  • Begin to practice teaching on the Miracle Ball Method ZOOM platform.
  • 10 free balls to get you started (shipping not included)
  • Basic Miracle Ball Method At Home Training
  • Teaching your own classes is encouraged during your training.
  • Payment plan is available. Click Here.

Treatment for Chronic Pain is a billion-dollar industry because people are looking for relief from injuries, chronic backaches, neck and shoulder stiffness and the stress that goes with them. You can learn to help people who suffer from a wide range of health conditions.

A complete Miracle Ball Method teacher training is 40 hours of class time. You can build hours at your convenience using the Basic At Home Training Course and IN-Person ZOOM Training Courses.

Once completed you will meet with Elaine and either teach a class or provide video of teaching, for your certification.

  • Access to the Live ZOOM classes with Elaine for the non professional – unlimited
  • 4 Weekend Workshops 2-hours each
  • Schedule a one-on-one check in with Elaine each month
  • Use the platform to teach your own class or segments of a class when ready
  • 10 Free 4-in Balls to get started with your classes – Shipping not included

Perfect for those who want to start advancing their knowledge and begin teaching. The Basic In Home Training Course is not required to take the LIVE ZOOM training.

Investment $895

Questions? Reach out at elaine@elainepetrone.com for more information.

Notes for Certified Instructors

Miracle Ball Certified Instructors may purchase bulk orders of Miracle Balls, books and other Miracle Ball products at a discounted rate directly from The Miracle Ball Method™. Please contact: contact@miracleballmethod.com for more information and to order.

Please let us know how your classes are going. You can email us at contact@miracleballmethod.com. We love to hear from you and your input is not only important but helps us continue to improve the therapy methods.

Miracle Ball Method Basic At Home Training

This training is designed to do yourself at your own pace in your own home.
It includes:

  • 9 Hours of audio and video in the comfort of your home. Great for both the professional and non professional to get the basics of the method
  • 1 FREE zoom class with Elaine, you can choose the times that fit best in your schedule go to miracleballmethod.com/classes for the schedule.
    -Please email us at elaine@elainepetrone.com when you are ready to take your classes.
  • 10 Free 4 inch balls, SHIPPING not included. Please email us your address when you are ready for the balls.
  • Use this purchase to apply to the FULL certification.

Excellent for both the health and wellness professional and the lay person.

Upon completion you will receive certification.

You have experienced relief, have a desire to learn more, and have a sincere need to help others do the same — you have a reason to become an instructor. Because there is a great need for classes to help others it is also a good opportunity to grow your business or start a new one.

The MBM Instructor Certification will give you the tools to help people who suffer from a wide range of health conditions. They will also be able to continually use your services, uninterrupted by down-time resulting from these conditions based on the methods you will have learned as a certified Miracle Ball Method Instructor.

Read TESTIMONIALS for positive reviews and comments about the Miracle Ball method from doctors and physical therapists, trainers and customers.

  • Three sections – Exploration, Experience and Education
  • Eight video classes demonstrating the Method as well as supportive videos to answer frequently asked questions.
  • Certification upon completion of requirements

Great way to gain a deeper understanding of the Method and how it works to benefit you both personally and professionally.

  • For the health and wellness professional:
    • Important for personal growth
    • Great addition to your knowledge base
    • Great tool to use during a session or at the end of class to help your clients improve the condition of their bodies and feel fantastic at the same time
  • For the layperson:
    • For anyone who wants to develop a deeper understanding of the Method and to feel better at the same time.

Once you purchase the training reach out to Elaine at elaine at elainepetrone.com to begin setting up your course.

to be notified of specials and more.

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