Hi, I’m Elaine Petrone, the creator of The Miracle Ball Method™. I wish I could tell you that as an aspiring young dancer in New York City — happy, healthy, vibrant, and carefree — I awoke one day with the mission of sharing the secrets of my physical vitality with any and all who would care to listen…but that’s not my story. Instead, I awoke one day to the experience of a frightening and unimaginable reality: the right side of my body had started to go numb, over time losing its range of motion, and eventually deteriorating to a state of chronic pain that brought me to the point of immobility.

My life, as I had planned it, was gone.

As you might imagine, I was at a loss. A slow, gradual depression started to set in. What to do? Fortunately, by dint of habit and training I did summon the determination to seek help and try anything I thought might be of use. I found teachers who used balls, dance teachers who kept talking about weight, other amazing teachers who taught me to breathe in a completely opposite way from anything I had previously experienced. Still, after so much work, nothing really seemed to be getting better and I was basically done, giving up.

Then, the most amazing thing happened: while on the floor one day I truly ‘felt the weight’ of my body for a moment, and in those seconds the pain had gone away. It seemed so impossible, so illogical, but I knew I had felt it. There had to be some reason, some brain-body logic involved. I did something in that moment that was real and I had to figure out what it was.

Thus began 10 years of the rabbit trail that led me to find the directions to un-wind and unravel the knots of my body and my life, creating over time what became The Miracle Ball Method™. My healing came not from exercise but from feeling my weight and accepting gravity, learning how to let the mystery and brilliance of one’s own body do the work.

Getting out of our own way is the key.

As the stress levels, both physical and mental, abate, our freedom of movement will return, and with this our feeling of health restarts as the ‘stuckness’ we all carry becomes a thing of the past.

I am sharing this story for a simple reason: while our individual situations and conditions are unique, the existence of such situations and conditions is universal. We all differ only in the beginnings, locations, and intensities of our pains, stresses, and anxieties. My hope is that my story can provide you some comfort in knowing that you do not have to go it alone and there is a way to find relief.

Thanks for coming to our site and welcome to The Miracle Ball Method™. Tour the site to read more about who we are, how the method works, and how it can benefit you.

Here’s to your good health,

Elaine Petrone Miracle Ball Method