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Elaine Petrone Miracle Ball Method

Feel Your Body?

You don’t know what you don’t know.

It’s an interesting thought. It very much applies to our bodies. We don’t feel what we don’t feel. Moving freely, relieving stress, many times requires us to feel our bodies in ways we are not familiar.  When we go about it this way, we begin to notice our body actually gives us some clear direction and can give us feedback to take the stress off chronically tight muscles, being emotionally drained and more.  Think about it, our bodies know how to do it. But to unlock this wisdom we need to ask the right questions of the body. That in turn will relieve the symptoms, or help you move easily and reshape your body. But for now, most of us, we don’t feel what we don’t feel.

For example, years ago when my shoulders got tight, I was constantly trying to relax them. I would stretch out, try to improve my posture, I would meditate and my shoulders were still tight. I was trying to “fix” it. Sometimes the “fixing” can be stressful in itself, never mind the tight shoulders. Why wasn’t my body simply listening to my direction, RELAX? I have learned the body doesn’t work that way unless you feel it first. A word like relax for the body is not specific enough.

I have found that when I stop to notice, and simply bring attention to the “whole “body, I put that in quotations because many times we isolate one part from the rest, that guarantees that we will only get temporary relief at best. Observe your whole body as well as how you breathe. This will begin to help you feel your body as it is, not how we want it to be. This can be the most challenging. As you bring attention to the whole you may be able to feel specific ways or areas that you work the hardest, and other areas you don’t seem to even feel.

We all want things. Sometimes we will do anything to get them. We are all in search, constantly to feel better.  It is better to simply feel, and take what you get and learn from that. Don’t judge it, or fix it. Don’t think you know better and a good stretch will make everything go away. Ask yourself to simply bring attention to your body and observe what you notice. Feel what you feel! This gives the body a chance to reply. What I mean by reply is respond. In our anxious desire to be better, we never listen because as I learned, no one teaches us that process.

That is how you get started each day. Then the amazing body can reply with real information. We don’t use information someone told us will work. We work with the information our body gives us.

For me, when it came to my shoulders, it wasn’t my shoulders, it was much deeper. Eventually I learned to allow the whole body to support them instead of carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders. Do not underestimate the power of feel. I discovered even small worries were messing with my ability to freely breathe during the day. That set me in a better direction having that information.

The body organizes itself in ways we cannot even comprehend. That doesn’t make it difficult to do but we have to be clear when we would like something to improve to ask the right questions, give ourselves the right cues and then be open for how that can change the whole landscape of your body, feel things you normally don’t feel and know things you didn’t know!

Next blog on how this process even changes your shape, improve muscle tone and help you feel amazing.

The Miracle Ball Method
The miracle is your body

Hips on 2 balls

After Work or Hard Workout Destressing: Hips on Two Balls

After a long day on the job or an uber work out, it is important to let your body recover and readjust anything that you may have tweaked out of alignment—such as your lower back.

That’s where the Hips on Two Balls move comes in!

As with all the Miracle Ball moves, learn to use the balls to simply rest on. Yes, it does seem somewhat counterintuitive, but it’s not. That’s the Miracle!

Exhale….ssssss….and let your own body weight and the placement of the balls give you the sensation of relief — mentally and physically. Once you allow your body to STOP, it can then go to work and you can feel that magic happening.

Watch the Hips on Two Balls video and notice that the two balls are strategically placed to relieve lower back ache. Hips on Two Balls is also a great move to do the day after a work out to relieve ‘day-after’ stiffness.

That Irritating Muffin Top 

That Irritating Muffin Top 

A ‘Muffin Top’ is really just a silly way of referring to the muscles around the middle of the body that are somewhat underused.

Many of us exercise and get disappointed when our shape remains the same. We want our core or waist area to slim down, tighten up, or lengthen, yet it stays the same –but– other areas of our body get tighter and tighter.

Very, very irritating.

Let’s move this picture around!

Think of the act of tying your shoelaces. If the laces are knotted you cannot create a bow. The Miracle Ball Method takes the tension down in the muscles, or, in other words, loosens some of these knots so you can begin to move differently and create the shape you want. The tightest areas of our body tend to work the hardest, and that prevents other areas like the waist from getting the chance to move freely and then slim down.

The intent of The Miracle Ball Method is not to rub, exercise or find trigger points with the ball, but to gain feeling in those underused areas of the body. ‘Find your parts,’ I always say. (We can’t move what we don’t feel.) Ribs on the Ball (page 244 in the book) is a great ball placement– although probably the hardest — and will help you loosen those tighter muscles and give you a way in to feeling and then moving the waistline. If you aren’t familiar with The Miracle Ball Method go to the Ribs on the Ball placement gradually or start with an easier ball placement.

After you use the Method and understand it a bit, look at the video and see if you can sense when you are overusing one part, and underusing another part.

As always–don’t force it. Remember “the Miracle” is your own body. Eventually, with the combination of the Miracle Ball Moves and your own exercise routine, the only muffin top you’ll know is the one on the top of your real muffin.

As always, if you don’t have the book and the Miracle Balls, you can get them here: ( and many other products that will help you Relieve + Reshape + Reduce your Stress.

The Miracle Ball Method - Elbow on the Ball

Elbow on Ball

Elbow on Ball is a great way to relieve stiffness in your shoulders and tightness in your neck. See page 223 in The Miracle Ball Method™ book for more details — and check out this video to see ball placement. Remember to take it slow and BREATHE…

Talk About That Back!

Most of us have areas of the body that are extra tight at the end of a day. Sometimes that tightness can even prevent a good night’s sleep and last through the next day. For many, the low back is one of those areas. Take a look at the video and see how just bending the knees can ease the low back muscles and enhance much needed circulation. By adding the ball under your pelvis, (either one or two strategically placed), your body begins to “un”do all the extra tightening in the low back. Let gravity and this great ball placement do the work for you. 

By the way, holding our breath is also something we practice. Remember, most of us have no trouble breathing but what we don’t know is that we often ”hold” our bodies so tightly that it prevents us from breathing naturally. Take that tight ace bandage off your ribs and use the sssss sound when on the ball. Feel the relief. “Sssssuper, yes?”

The Knee Bone’s Connected to the Hip Bone…

Talk to any runner, dancer, tennis player, martial artist, etc. and they will tell you how important healthy, happy knees are to the rest of their body. But as a lot of us experience — athlete or not – our knees aren’t always happy.

Think of your knees as an important link to all the other parts of our body, especially the hips. The pressure on our knees can often be greatly improved day to day if we are mindful of that hip joint connection. If you have been running, dancing, playing a sport or simply sitting for a long time, your hips can get stiff. This stiffness will put a good deal of pressure on your knees. Knee on the Ball (see the video) is another one of my absolute favorite moves. Try it out and see (and hopefully become aware of and feel) the other end of the knee joint — your hips!! As you gently move your knee on the ball you can feel your hip also moving. On a personal note, I love to do this move after a long car ride. I get sciatic pain on my right side when I sit too long and I eventually realized that it was because I was clenching the muscles of my right hip. Knee on the Ball helps me to ease that right side pain and allows my body to realign. Knee on the Ball is also a great way to allow your body to basically “tune up” after a hard gym workout (and run) and relieve some chronic holding (tensing?) in the glutes (located in your buttocks). Remember: Don’t force anything. Just resting on the ball allows you to feel the weight and realign yourself. Remember to check in with your breathing…sssss! Check out pages 154-157 in the Miracle Ball Method book for more information. Don’t have the book? Get on the Ball and go to the SHOP page.

Good luck to all you runners in the New York City Marathon on the 4th!



Gravity. Got it love it! Here’s a Miracle Ball Method student at her desk at Stamford Office Furniture letting the weight of her body do something that another MBM student calls “stretching without stretching.” So easy and your back will feel so great afterwards. Have you done a Must-Do Move today? Yes? We want to see it! Post it on our Facebook page.

Twin Skin

Twin Skin

Happy Birthday John and Lucas! Although having two babies at the same time had its challenges, I can’t say it wasn’t amazing. I thank God that I knew the Method at that time. After the birth, I had what I found out was called “twin skin.” I could roll up my belly like a towel and tuck it into my pants! My boys were big babies — seven pounds each — and I felt like my body had been through a war — not that I know what that is like — but it was a shock! Using key components of the Method and the breathing really helped to ease my anxiety about returning back to my old self. The happy surprise was feeling even better than before I was pregnant! Miracle Ball Method for Moms for sure.

Pick up your The Miracle Ball Method for Pregnancy kit for post-baby reshaping—and its great for before you give birth, too!

Must-Do Move to Restore-Relieve-Renew: Raise Your Hands

For stiff shoulders, carpal tunnel syndrome, and a great stress reducer.

Hands are extremely connected to movement and to moving with freedom and flow – just look at any sport, dance, martial arts, or folk dancing around the world. Unfortunately, though, most of us don’t realize the connection of our hands to the rest of our body. And often, we don’t reach, we grab. We don’t wrap, we grasp tightly. Our hands pull us forward at the computer and while texting, they roll our shoulders forward or back. When our hands stiffen up it actually creates a chain reaction of stiffness throughout our bodies.

What to do: Whether you are sitting at your kitchen table, lying in bed, or on the floor, rest your wrist over the ball. Let the power of gravity do the work as you cue yourself to “un” work and unwind those gnarled fingers. Feel that loosening up into the arm gradually as you move each finger and gently bend at the wrist.

Remember. Go slowly. The movement should be unforced and painless. This move will loosen that “grip” our hands have on things we hold, carry, and touch all day. It will bring back flexibility, circulation and blood flow — which will in turn benefit the rest of your body. This move of one of my student’s favorites and I know it will be yours, too.