“All I can say is WOW! My body feels completely different in just two days.”

- Nancy

“In my 20 years as a dancer I’ve never felt so well placed and flexible.”

- Anna

“I have used your method for low back, migraine headache, and shoulder pain and the results are wonderful!”

- Rebecca

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“I have found Elaine’s method to be a valuable adjunct for back care. It empowers patients, helping them gain control of an all too common problem.”
–Steven Horowitz, M.D., Cardiologist, Stamford Hospital, Stamford, CT.

“I went to Elaine’s training class and started using her method with my patients. The results have been amazing.”
–Eileen Devine, Physical Therapist, Absolute Fitness, Bedford, NH.

“After taking just one of Elaine’s classes, I was asymptomatic for the first time in 15 years. I now recommend it to all my patients.”
–Fred Jones, D.C., Sunshine Chiropractic & Wellness, Merrick, NY.

“Elaine’s emphasis on breathing and her unique breathing techniques have helped my patients prevent future injuries by maintaining more flexible back muscles.” 
–Dr. Janet Freedman, M.D., Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation 

“Both my wife Ella and myself are avid followers of yoga as well as other athletic pursuits and gardening. Still, we find your Ball Method superior to anything used for back pain and other kinds of discomfort. Entirely ingenious!” 
–Erem E. Bobrakov, MD.

“I am a Licensed Massage Therapist in the state of Florida. The benefits and results of using your method after just 2 weeks are incredible. I see my chiropractor every 2 weeks and this morning he told me that my hips were more squared up and my legs straighter. I feel that with continued use of the ball I will be able to visit my chiropractor just for occasional tune-ups. Elaine, THANK YOU for your innovation and your dedication to other’s health issues and well-being, you are much appreciated.”
–Carolyn A. Peterson, LMT

“Thank you for all you are doing for those in pain. Personally, they were the only cure for a serious bout of Sciatica. Truly a miracle! Thanks for touching so many lives.”
–Jeanelle Troncone, Comfort Therapist

“I have used your method for my low back issues, migraine headaches, and shoulder pain. After just 3 uses of your method, the results were WONDERFUL!!! I will recommend The Miracle Ball Method™ to many.” 
–Rebecca A. Adams, LMT

“After spending time learning Elaine’s Method I have added her method to the treatment of patients with chronic neck and back pain. I also recommend her classes so my patients can gain control over their symptoms.” 
-Laurie Schacht, Physical Therapist

“It greatly relaxes my tight neck muscles and helps to elongate the spine. I highly recommend it.”
-Christine M. Metz, MD, Internal Medicine, Armory Hospital

“I have seen great results with my patients with Elaine’s method, I love it because I gave the balls to my husband and now he has stopped complaining about his back.”
-Dr. Sally Garhart, MD Bedford Occupational, Occupational and Internal Medicine

“Wow! Your method has helped to relieve pain and tension in my upper back and shoulders. It has improved my posture. Even more importantly, I credit it with helping to relieve very annoying bouts of insomnia! THANK YOU!”
–Marie, LMT

“Elaine’s techniques provide a gentle and effective way of alleviating these aches and pains, both during pregnancy, through the post partum period and beyond.”
–Irene I. Komarynsky, MD, FACOG.

“A safe, simple, and relaxing way of preventing and relieving the common discomforts of pregnancy and the postpartum period.” 
–Joseph Connelly, M.D.

“Elaine Petrone’s method offers a non-invasive, low impact, and financially practically solution to ease the tensions associated with pregnancy and help women find relief.” 
–Lance R. Bruck, M.D.

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