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The Miracle
Ball Method
With over 1.5 million copies in print, the first edition was a revolution. This method of pain management and stress reduction provided life-changing benefits for thousands of people for almost two decades. Revised Edition WATCH THE VIDEOS

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The Miracle Ball Method™ will loosen
up tight muscles so you can move
more freely and improve circulation.
It will also aid in the relief of
backaches, neck tension, shoulder
stiffness, and even anxiety.


The Miracle Ball Method™ will undo some of the habitual postures that shorten waists, tighten necks and shoulders and bulk up the lower body. Your muscles will learn how to adjust, lengthen and become more supple.


The Miracle Ball Method™ will help
“de-stress” overworked bodies. Your
breathing will improve and your body’s
proper alignment will return, as well
as a sense of balance and harmony.

The Miracle Ball Method

helps back pain, sciatic pain, arthritis, knee and feet problems,
neck and shoulder tension, sleeplessness and more.

Elaine Petrone Miracle Ball Method


Hi. I am Elaine Petrone and welcome to The Miracle Ball Method™. Unless you are a person who gets through each day without a hint of ache, pain, stress, anxiety or some feeling of physical ‘just not quite right,’ the answer is a resounding “Yes.” While we all have similar parts, think of our bodies as unique machines, ones that each of us  maneuver differently, creating unique conditions that often result in what I call the “Cycle of Pain” (Tight muscles= stress= poor breathing —from a chronic condition or an injury) which I talk about in my book, “The Miracle Ball Method™.”

Being trapped in the pain and discomfort of this cycle causes us to hold our breath for relief (interesting idea, huh?), which only leads to more pain and discomfort, which then leads to potentially elevated stress levels, and then can lead to chronic situations…and round and round we go.

Imagine having the active lifestyle you crave and the added benefits of a rewarding mind-body connection – all achieved by YOU and the Miracle Ball Method. Learn and practice the Miracle Ball Method to start the process of “un-doing” to break the cycle of pain.


According to the National Institutes of Health, 80% of all people over 40 will experience some kind of chronic pain.

+ One billion dollars a year is lost due to missed work because of back pain.

+ Chronic stress can manifest itself into symtoms such as anxiety, headaches, high blood pressure, chest pain, heart palpitations and loss of sleep.

+ Knee and foot pain can lead to hips and back misalignment.

The Miracle Ball Method

Excess tension in your muscles can be the result of accidents, daily stress or misalignment issues like scoliosis and poor posture.

The Miracle Ball Method™ relieves this excess muscle tension and you will find you have more freedom of movement and improved circulation. Your muscles become more supple, you will feel more parts of your body, breathing improves and your body’s innate sense of balance to realign is realized. Stress and pain is then lifted from your body.

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