Are You a Tight Ass?

Find your leg joints and free yourself from chronic lower back aches, stiffness, sciatic pain and more, using the Miracle Ball Method.

Do you clench your muscles?

Your leg joint is a Key Area of your body. All of us clench muscles in different areas of our bodies. Some of us know we do it, and others have no sense of it. I’ve had many students over the years whose dentist explained to them they were clenching their jaw and needed a mouth guard. Today I am talking about our hips, or buttocks. Are you a tight ass? Do you find yourself clenching your hips or buttock muscles?

Although it’s a bit of a colloquialism, tight ass, many phrases like this come out of real physical experiences. For example, carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders, weak in your knees, no backbone, pain in the neck, landing on my feet. Although tight ass refers to a personality type, it is something many of us unknowingly do with our physical body, and relieving that constant effort provides amazing relief.

How can you tell if you’re a tight ass or clench your but. Here are a few things to consider:

Do you have chronic or occasional low back aches?

Are your hamstrings tight or stiff?

Bending Over

Do you have sciatic pain?

When you sit do you feel your back is straining all the time?

Finding the leg joint using the Miracle Ball Method.

When I began, I thought my buttocks were irrelevant to all my physical problems. I didn’t even know it was a joint. Think of your buttocks, as a part of the basement of your home. You may have a leak in your roof if your foundation is not supporting the entire structure of your home correctly. Many of us who experience chronic areas of stiffness, tight lower backs, sciatic pain, hip problems, are not aware their foundation is the source of their problem. These muscles lose feeling over time from overuse.


The challenge is it’s hard to feel these areas we clench. Although using tight ass can be comical, chronic lower back aches are not. The Miracle Ball Method works through your nervous system. Its an easy back and forth process using simple cues, and you can begin to feel Key Areas of the body like your leg joint. This will provide you with the support to end straining your back and hips. You will begin to move more easily, and breathing will benefit.

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Exercise is only as effective as your nervous system is response. Think of your nervous system as the electricity that turns on the lamp. The nervous system connects you to many parts of the body and will provide circulation. The Miracle Ball Method introduces you to how your nervous system miraculously guides you in an easy back and forth process with your muscles.

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