Breathing Wisdom: The Miracle Ball Method Journey – Recognizing Why Breathing is Not Optional


  • Try to Relax
  • Try to Deep Breathe
  • Try to Feel Better


  • The Miracle Ball Method

I will go into detail how to use The Miracle Ball Method, in the Webinar this Sunday, Breathing is NOT Optional at 1pm ET.

Burn Calories, Improve your Metabolism and Tone your Muscles

When we are born, our bodies begin to breathe differently from when we are in the womb. The umbilical cord is cut, and we take our first breath. I can imagine that moment.  We are now living, breathing, in gravity, and experiencing the weight of our bodies. We navigate through our lives in a body that uses gravity to feel. Even more amazing is breathing gives the body the feeling of weight. It connects us to our movements and tones our muscles. It burns calories and improves our metabolism while improving our state of mind.


Miracle Ball Method - Elaine Petrone with neck on ball

In the webinar I want you to experience not breathing alone, because breathing does not work independently. Breathing is a part of 2 other key components, our thoughts, and physically the way we move. In some ways the breathing is a mirror. It tells us so much. But if we end it there, and just try to improve our breathing, it is much harder to have success.

It is better to feel how our thoughts are impacting our breathing and the way we physically sit, stand and move moment to moment. It does happen, in the moment. It is all intertwined, and spontaneously responding moment to moment.

That is why when we get that anxious feeling, our breathing is immediately affected, as well as our muscles. Or if you have been sitting for a long period of time, your physical body might feel stressed as a result, you might have shallow breathing and feel like its hard to motivate yourself.

The Miracle

I say miracle because in some ways that takes the pressure off of us to figure it all out. A Miracle  is something beyond our understanding. We don’t know how gravity exists, keeping the planets aligned, we just know it does. And I am not going to try to analyze your breathing, because breathing is so complex, but we know it exists as well. But we can understand how it works with our physical bodies and our thoughts. Then you can feel how much easier it is to allow your body to improve. Your breathing will improve, but then so will your thoughts and your muscle tone and a lot of excellent health benefits.

One person’s pleasure is another person’s pain.

Let’s take it a step further. You’re an individual. This is not exercise or even as it relates to breathing, a breathing exercise.  The problem with exercise is it stops right when you get to the good part, the feedback.  Feedback is your individuality, how you respond to the exercise. Even when you exercise, as I said earlier about people who work out, the difference is the way people respond to exercise. If it were the exercises that made the change, everyone would do it and get the same results. All exercises whether breathing, or physical movement, work a bit differently for each person. I know people who do things in the gym that for someone else, they would cry. And yet my friend is happy as can be. Even with the knee pain, or the struggle to lift heavy weight, they love it. Here is where our thoughts come in. One person is interpreting the physical feelings differently than another.  It’s the same with breathing. Once you notice breathing it will change.  Miraculously as you sense the feeling of breathing it will begin to improve and even deepen in ways that is necessary for your thoughts to improve and for your muscles tension to align. For some of us that can be scary. Many times, people will not improve the way they feel because they mislabel their responses.

It’s the same thing with breathing. Some people don’t do it because of the responses they get. Maybe they don’t feel it working for them, it makes them lightheaded. Relaxing, or physical sensations for some make them more anxious. If we are not prepared to know that there are responses when doing breathing, we might mislabel these responses as wrong. And then we might walk away completely. But Breathing is NOT Optional.

Come to the Free Webinar Nov 19th 1pm ET.

With some basic instructions, using your physical body, understanding what works and what you doesn’t you can begin your journey to let breathing lead you into a new experience with your mind and body. And yes, maybe a little bit of that miracle will effect you too!

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