Discover the Power of Body Awareness with the Miracle Ball Method

Does your back ache? Do your feet hurt? Are you always tight in the same places.
Improve your posture, muscle tone, and enjoy moving again.

You can’t move what you don’t feel.

The Miracle Ball Method is your missing link. We are stuck in our bodies using the old ways of thinking about fitness and exercise. Bodies, people, need to move. Inadvertently the exercise world can train that out of you with a lot of rules and fears that may not even apply to you. Exercise is great, but not without feeling “your” body.

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How do we feel what we don’t feel?

The Miracle Ball Method is the missing link in the fitness world. We are all looking to “do” something. But you can’t move what you don’t feel. Its hard for most people to change the fitness model. I would and do argue, that model needs to be changed in a very serious way. Its old fashioned and doesn’t work. Exercise, whatever kind you choose, is only as effective as what you bring to it. It’s like saying because I have the best guitar in the world, I will be able to play it. We all know that’s not true. Sometimes with the lesser-known quality of instruments, if the musician knows the instrument, they can do amazing things. We work too superficially and don’t enjoy how we first learned to move. Moving without this personal experience with your body doesn’t work. We didn’t have to take a class. I am not in any way saying, “don’t exercise”. Exercise, or whatever you do with your body will feel better if you use the missing link.

Physical challenges, the backache, the injuries, illnesses…

We are all given challenges. Some of us more than others. You don’t need to have the best body in the world. In fact, so many who have the best-looking bodies on the outside, struggle with many of the same things if not more, than what we think of as difficult bodies. I had a very difficult body. My family did not put me in any kind of sports or dance. I sat in front of the television a lot and managed to get sick on a regular basis with one thing or another. By the time I was in my late teens I had had some significant illnesses. These eventually led to some dramatic difficulties when I walked. So, I can’t say my instrument was the best, but then when I began to explore this method, I realized it had nothing to do with what was presenting. It was what I didn’t feel that was ruling me. I was being ruled by what others were telling me about my body, and it left me without any tools to improve.

The first time someone asked me, “Describe what you feel sitting”, I was completely confused. I was led to her as my last hope to get stronger and move freely again. Over time I learned how that was the missing link. That question, what do you feel, is how your body begins to take you out of the stuck body, and into the areas that you don’t use.

Moving the weight?

Think of it this way, you are trying to move a car. You can’t do it alone, well at least most of us couldn’t the weight is too much. But you get 5 people, or ten and then its very easy to move it. Since we live in gravity, weight is how we move and feel our bodies. We take that for granted. The more parts of your body you have that are included in moving you from place to place, just like moving that car, will make it easier. But there are steps to doing this, very clear steps. These are completely opposite from exercise and there’s a bit of a need to let go of that idea of what you need to do. Maybe even more, you need to assume you don’t feel the weight of your body in the ways that are possible.

The next webinar, you can’t move what you don’t feel:

The next webinar on July 1 will continue with finding the stuck body. You can’t move what you don’t feel is continuing this road of simply noticing our bodies. That sounds easy so we dismiss it. I need real stuff; I can read the faces in the room, where’s the big solutions? I say just notice.

But it’s as powerful as anything you get better at. You begin to do it over and over again, because you love it so much. You are on the road to that place where you feel free, and the directions are no longer hard to understand.

It is as simple as riding a bike. I loved that feeling. I struggled with wobbling, falling, holding on tightly when I needed to loosen up my grip on the handlebars. All of this applies to everything we do we love. Yet when it comes to the way I see people move their bodies, its like they lost their love of their bodies. The way we teach movement takes a lot of that away and gives it to the teacher, the form. But you are the instrument. You drive the bike. You can go where you want to go. But you have to feel the instrument, every part of it, what moves, let yourself stumble through until your riding on that great day when the sun is shining, and no one is around but you.

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