Don’t Get Old: 5 Antidotes to Aging

The Miracle Ball Method - Elaine Petrone, laying on balls to relieve pain and reduce stress

Here are five antidotes to aging:

  • Breathing
  • Discovering five key areas of your body
  • Moving five key areas of your body
  • Doing the Miracle Ball Method
  • Never stop moving

In the webinar this Saturday, I will go into more detail on each of the 5 antidotes. For example, many of us understand the benefits of improved breathing, and how exercise can help improve the way we move. But for many there is a missing link between this information and experiencing the benefits. One reason is most of us are not familiar we how common it is to “hold” their breath. We also don’t realize you can be clenching key areas of your body that would take pressure off tight backs, improve the range of motion in shoulders and hips and much more.

My hope is to give you a personal experience with your own body so you can experience the benefits which are profound when you find your natural breathing and key areas of the body. No two bodies work alike or breathe alike. This explains why one exercise works for some and not others. This is where the Miracle Ball Method is an antidote. It gives you access to your nervous system. This leads to the 5th antidote, never stop moving!

We must personalize the information we are all getting about what we need to do, so we can enjoy the benefits. You are not going to do something you don’t enjoy, especially when moving your body, unless you like it. I hope to make it enjoyable on Saturday for you to feel how adaptable your body is and always will be when you work differently. Don’t work from information and thought alone, but through the kinesthetic feeling of YOUR body.

As we become adults, these five antidotes often face challenges due to common life stressors such as job and family stress, injury, illness, or alignment issues. Our bodies are very adaptable. But that doesn’t mean they feel good doing it. We get stiff muscles; our breathing is compromised and yet we soldier on. We never realize that our bodies have their own alignment system that’s just waiting to help them feel better. I want you to have access to this and build in your understanding that it works.

The Miracle Ball Method increases feeling in your body. Your brain uses that feeling. This is the key difference. Most people try to move their body without increased feeling, and it doesn’t work. Our habits will always take over and there will be a constant underlying fight with doing things differently. But when you realize your body knows where balance is. It knows how to realign and take stress off chronically tight areas of the body. Your body knows how to breathe. But it can’t do any of these things when you are stuck in your habits of movement and breathing. These habits as we age take the feeling out of the body as we train ourselves, unknowingly to age. We move less and less. Our breathing as a result is affected and we become very vulnerable to weakness, lack of circulation and chronic pain.

Many of us have a good deal of information and we may even do exercise or deep breathing with a predetermined outcome. But that is not how your body will fully benefit. Our bodies have years of habits built into the way they move and breathe. To simply use information on breathing to improve flies in the face of how strong our habits are and how transformative your nervous system is.

I hope to see you at the webinar. It will be a combination of information and experience with your own amazing body.

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