What size Miracle ball should I start with?

The Miracle Ball Method book has the 4 inch balls included. It is a good ball to start with to learn the method. The amount of air in the ball is personal preference. It does not determine the success you will have with the method. No two bodies are completely alike. Some people prefer a firmer ball, and others find that the ball must be almost deflated in order to use it comfortably.

The valve on the ball is to adjust the amount of air that works for you. Whether firm or soft, you must allow the part of your body on the ball, to feel its weight supported by the ball. Then follow the directions provided. The balls can be adjusted with a standard bicycle pump. Watch the video below to learn about ball firmness and how to inflate and deflate.

How much air should be in the Miracle ball? How do I inflate it?

The amount of air in each ball is based on personal preference. There is a valve on every ball so that you can adjust it accordingly. I suggest using a ball pump, which we sell on our website, or a typical bicycle pump may work as well. A pump with a needle attachment is what will be small enough to fill up or remove the air in the ball.

What is the difference between the 4″ and the 5″ ball? Why a 5″ ball?”

We offer a couple of different size balls because some people prefer a larger ball and vice versa. This could have to do with the size and weight of the person. However, it’s not the size of the ball that makes the method effective.

Depending on a person’s size, condition, or simply preference, the 5 inch ball may provide support that helps you feel the weight of a particular part of your body, rest more easily on the ball or with more certainty. One 5 inch ball can be great for under the knee, and two 5 inch balls feel great under the hips. You can also adjust the air in the 5 inch balls with a standard bicycle pump. (See the pump picture.)

I can’t seem to find any place for the ball that doesn’t hurt. What do you suggest?

Don’t place the ball where it hurts. Sometimes it’s better to start with another ball placement, such as the ‘neck on the ball’ or ‘elbow on the ball.’ This way you can get your breathing to improve which will then give you the beginnings of some relief of the excess muscle tension associated with sciatic pain.

What is the best way to sleep when you wake up in pain?

It’s hard to control your sleeping. I suggest you do some breathing and/or ball placements before you go to sleep. Bring the ball in bed with you and start with ‘neck on the ball’ and ‘open mouth breathing.’ This is a great way to reduce your muscle tension so that you wake up with less stiffness.

Can the method be done in bed?

Yes, especially if you have a firm mattress. You don’t want to fall asleep while on the balls in bed; however, placing them in the back of your neck, under your elbow, and under your hips is a great way to use the method to lower your stress level before sleep. Once you take the balls away, you should have relieved some muscle tension and stress and as a result, you will then enjoy a restful nights’ sleep.

If I don’t have a bench, what is a good alternative?

You want your legs to be at a comfortable ninety-degree angle when you are doing laying down positions that involve a bench. So, with that said, an ottoman, or coffee table (of the correct height) could also work. If you feel like you are holding your legs in the air when they resting are on the ottoman, slightly move the ottoman or coffee table further away.

What is a good ball placement for hip rotation?

‘Hips on 2 balls’ is a great placement for hip rotation. In addition, moving the balls down the back of your legs is also beneficial. If this is a difficult one for you, then try ‘knee on the ball.’

Does it matter if you use one or two balls when doing back on the ball?

You can have completely different responses depending on one or two balls. The most important thing is to choose the one that allows you to feel most at ease while on the ball. This will allow your body to make the most adjustments.

What if it hurts when I’m on the ball?

The Miracle Ball Method™ book will troubleshoot a lot of difficulties you may have while on the ball. It explains that you don’t place the ball where you have discomfort otherwise you will not be able to utilize the method effectively. Moving the ball a little one way or the other can make all the difference. If this does not help, then perhaps an entirely different ball placement will be more effective.