Finding your Core using the Miracle Ball Method

How the Miracle Ball Method can help:

How can the miracle ball method help you find those elusive abs that seemed to disappear as we become adults and even more so by middle age? It’s not just how we look, but those muscles have so much to do with how our whole body stands, feels, and moves freely without pain and stiffness.

Miracle Ball Method - Elaine Petrone with neck on ball
If exercises worked, then everyone would have a strong abdominal core. The question becomes why do the exercises work for some people and not for others.  It’s not simply exercising that causes the ab muscles to engage. It’s the way we approach exercise. Most of the way exercise is taught is through isolating one part from the next, you might be working on your abs focusing on your core, and somehow your neck or shoulders are doing all the work, your glutes and pelvis seem to keep firing up. When you stand up your core might feel firmer. Why does your core seem to still stick out.? Maybe you avoid even doing any core exercises because other parts of your body strain too much.

The person next to you might seem to have what you want, and you think you’re doing something wrong. Everyone feels their body differently, similar to everyone thinks differently. With bodies we tend to think of them very mechanically and figure if that person can do it, why is it so hard for me.

The Miracle Ball Method uses the ball, along with your body’s own ability to sense the best ways to move. It connects you deeper into your nervous system. Key areas of the body which are integral to finding your core can be chronically tight without us even knowing it. That makes it impossible to find the core. By relieving that stiffness, we can move differently. We will go over that at the next webinar.

What is a core?

When we think of core exercises, we think of that abdominal area that we want to flatten, I would ask you to consider the word core. The core of an apple, the core of the earth. Core implies middle, the center of something else. Your core also is your center. When you exercise, you want to include that thought, and what changes goes along with that when you begin to move. Are your muscles involved in a different way?

In the next webinar coming up March 30, 1 PM, Eastern time we will go over what that means by the core being the middle. But most of all to understand that you can’t have a core without knowing what’s around it.  You would never see the core of an apple, growing at the end of a branch of an apple tree. It’s part of the whole apple. I would even go so far as to say the core of the apple is connected to the tree.

Your core is part of  your whole body. Your body has a core based on the way you move your whole body. Some people seemingly do that naturally, and their core seems to be work different than yours. You think you might be doing something wrong. What the Miracle Ball Method does is use your body’s ability to adapt to different ways of moving. You can’t do that without having a sense of changing your own Body Dialogue.

It’s knowing that all parts of your body create your core, and in order to strengthen that part of your body you need to use your whole body when you do any exercise.

In the next webinar, we will go over the meaning of oppositional stretch while discovering some key areas of the body essential to finding your core. We will explore how to move your whole body differently.

Additional benefits

Wanting to have a strong core, not only looks pleasing, but it also benefits the way you stand, the comfort of moving freely, balance, posture proves, low back stiffness.  Whatever motivates you whether it’s to look good in a bathing suit, to feel good in your clothes or to relieve chronic pain and improve the feeling of the way you move, it’s all fine. When we start out learning an instrument, we’re happy when we can just learn how to play chopsticks are happy birthday. Our motivation might be to entertain people at parties. But when you love an instrument, it becomes a lot more rewarding to simply play the instrument. My hope is that you will find that the experience with your body becomes richer and more deeply rewarding.

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