Finding your Natural Posture and Balance Using the Miracle Ball Method

Miracle Ball Method - Elaine Petrone with neck on ball

Understanding Posture and Balance can alleviate chronic pain, improve scoliosis, low back problems, and neck and shoulder stiffness. Join me for a Free Webinar on April 27th at 1pm ET.

What do you think when you think good posture? Or balance? Do you think it’s something hard to hold? Do you have an image in your mind of a position?

Most people, when they think of posture, think of something rigid, stationary. That’s part of the old paradigm of exercise I’ve talked about in other blogs. Because exercise has us focus on one part of the body and then moving onto the next, we tend to move by imitating or holding our whole body stiffly as we move one part. It couldn’t be further from the way our bodies naturally function.

Miracle Ball Method - Child Standing
Although it’s not so much the exercises that are not beneficial, It’s the way people approach the exercises. That’s the old paradigm and people hold rigidly to those ideas of the body as something that they place and position not something that they may need to learn and understand a bit, and then reap benefits throughout their life. You need to undo what you’ve learned, and your body might give you most of the information you need after that.

Posture and balance have nothing to do with rigidity. In fact, there’s nothing about the body that benefits from being stiff at any time. There’s always movement. There’s always the undercurrent of the movement of breath because breath is moved by muscles. Since most of us “hold” our muscles stiffly to  try to achieve movement, we rarely feel how that inhibits our breathing and the bodies’ natural ability to find good posture and balance.

Posture comes out of using your whole body, which is how your nervous system works. It’s like electricity, the switch is not the electricity. The lamp is not the electricity. The wiring alone is not the electricity. It all has to be connected to something else, and so do you.

I don’t want to make it more complicated because it’s much easier than the way most people move, but you do need some direction to begin to utilize your body’s own ability to self-align, adjust balance, and yes, even have posture that is not fixed and held, but is responsive. Because the Miracle Ball Method works through the nervous system, you can improve at any time during your life and anything you desire to change. This is different from the decline most people feel from sitting at desks. Most of us just assume the poor posture of aging and all the negative side effects that go along with that are inevitable.

That image is simply not true. Most people unknowingly train themselves to get tighter, more stiff, and exercise alone can’t change that. Yes, your body can heal you, But similar to anything in life, there is so much to discover.

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