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This is a blog about the upcoming free webinar Don’t Get Old. Most of us pretty much assume getting old means moving less, and as a result not being as active. Or is it we are not as active, because we move less? We train ourselves to age. It can be a slippery slope. There are so many images of what old is, and what young is. I was talking to a 40-year-old man who wanted a young woman. Once the woman was 30, she was old? So, age is subjective. Not everyone feels like that young man. Age is not a number.

I would ask you to be clear what you feel. This is not so much about a number as it is what makes you feel old. Is it the way you move? Is it injuries or depression? Is it feeling trapped in your body and not feeling like you are getting younger? What would make you feel better? Remember this can be any age. Its best to start where you are now, because quietly…… our body is listening.

Our Body is Listening

As we become adults our thoughts are guiding our body in many ways. Most of those ways we are not aware of. In this culture, youth is in the teens and twenties! Although we like to say 50 is the new 40, we think that, but do we feel it? As soon as there are any signs of aging, whether it from slowing down, changes in activity level, or out of shape, you’re older. The way we move affects our thoughts. Our thoughts affect how motivated we are, and our physical body are caught in a bit of a trap. The old paradigm of exercise doesn’t always help.

The body doesn’t lie. It tells you when you feel tired, your posture is slumping forward, you’re getting the spare tire and your tired. Some of us can ignore it and feel young, but most just feel old when they look in the mirror. And that can happen very young, maybe even thirty! We all want that fountain of youth. We are always fighting to be something illusive. It is illusive because we are missing an important piece. Our thoughts are not necessarily accurate. They can even prevent us significantly from feeling young, even when we are very old…because our body is listening.

Why not start now to use a key ingredient in your body, that is a game changer. It is the fountain of youth because it’s the truth. It is using what your body is telling you, and then responding to that, and not someone or something else. The key word there was responding.

Transition time!

In the past if I had something wrong with my body and I took a pill, sometimes it was miraculous. There was no transition time I would notice it would alleviate the symptoms very quickly. When you begin to do bodywork, sometimes you don’t get the changes very quickly and there’s even a transition time, the transition time for many people is when they give up. These are when the thoughts come in again. “Oh, this isn’t working. I’m never going to look like Timmy or Tina up the street, I should give up I can’t do this.“ Sometimes the thoughts can be so fast we don’t even know its happening.

Even the physical body during a transition time will sometimes give you a lot of really good information but it might not be what you expect. Responses are a gift. It is through this transition, recognizing the responses and then doing things different. If you are interpreting how to move, what looks good, what old is, through someone else’s eyes you might always be disappointed. Your body can take you to possibilities you never imagine. But as they say, timing is everything. There will be a transition time. Without it, you will continue to be led by others, that’s not fun and will only train you to age.

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