Why is the Miracle Ball Method Important to include in your life.

Miracle Ball Method provides a missing link when wanting to improve the way you feel!

For many of us including healthy things in our day to day lives is a challenge. Doing things to take care of ourselves, relieving our stress, taking care of our bodies, can feel complicated. Perhaps you have an injury or your back hurts, or perhaps you’re just exhausted at the end of the day. Many people go to the gym and yet they don’t feel they are getting the results they want, its an uphill battle. I saw this all the time having worked in fitness and wellness centers for decades. Many people tend to fight with their body because our focus is on fixing it, not feeling it. That is the missing link. People simply are not taught that our kinesthetic sense is powerfully effective when we develop it. If not, we are stuck repeating our past ways of moving, and the results either worsen or stay the same.

But when you begin to use this sensory ability, your kinesthetic sense, your body miraculously knows what to do, it improves. The possibilities of how it can relieve pain, reshape your body, provide a sense of calmness and wellbeing, and that is a phenomenon many of us never get to experience.

I have been on this mission for many years because I have seen so many people fall victim to poor advice because they don’t think their body has this ability to recover, destress, get stronger in an almost effort less way. That is the good news, its simple, people are not.

First you feel it.

If you are a gardener, you probably have certain things you do to improve your plants. My dad was a great gardener. He spent much of his time watching his garden. Observation is key to most things we love in life. With our bodies, sometimes we jump to conclusions because we feel so helpless.

When our bodies hurt, we panic and throw a lot of our power out the window. I am not saying don’t go to professionals. I am saying if you do go to therapists or doctors you will have more information for them because you will know your body. Many of the doctors who had patients from my classes there, were always surprised how well they described their condition. It helped the doctor understand what they were experiencing. Although it looked like my dad was simply watching his garden, he was learning. He fruit and vegetables he grew were the result, and we all benefitted. He had a 6th grade education at most. This ability is not something we learn in a book. But it is something we can learn. Not everyone does it naturally. If you have had chronic pain, illness, or even day to day challenges from your job, knowing how to observe your body and allow it to improve is essential.

What do I really do?

Until you do the method, that may seem like it sounds good, but what do I really do? That’s usually what people say until they “do” the method. Even when people do the method, and then love the balls, they think well that’s great but what do I do when I’m off the balls?

You can’t change your body with a clump mentality. People may feel stressed at the end of the day, their muscles knotted up and if you have a tight neck, sciatic pain stiff shoulders it’s probably going to feel worse. Muscles tighten under stress and our breathing gets shallow. You may feel great on the balls but have no idea why. When you begin to notice some of the “details” the “specific things” that happen when you’re on the balls, you begin to break down that sense of your body being stuck and realize there are things the body is doing on the balls that you can do during your day. Through this same observation, you can bring those feelings on the ball with you when you are off the ball. It will prevent the stiffness, the sciatic pain and the overwhelming stress so many of us live with.

Let’s begin to observe with Hips on the Balls.


There are three things to observe when doing the method.

  • Observe how you begin, be specific. This will get clearer as you grow in the method.
    For example: Notice where you feel breathing, and your sense of how you hold your body.
  • Choose what you want to do, for example hips on two balls, apply the tools of the method.
  • Lastly notice feedback from what you do, does your body respond, does your breathing change?

Try Hips on Two balls.

The Miracle Ball Method Hip Shoulder Relief

  1. Check in, begin lying down. switching gears, a bit by simply noticing how you rest.
  2. Choose what you would like to start with, for example 2 balls under the hips like in the photo.
  3. Sense the weight of your body by asking yourself if you are resting on the balls or holding your body stiffly. There is always a bit of both.
  4. Notice where you might feel breathing, get specific, where do you feel it?
  5. Then exhale perhaps on an ssssss sound.
  6. Give your body a change to respond. Remember it knows how to adjust and breathe, but you do have to give it a chance to do that.
  7. Then remove the balls and notice if your body rests differently on the floor.
  8. Has your breathing changed?
  9. Compare with when you began, have you changed.

familiar with observing and using their kinesthetic sense experience a range of responses, and also observe more clearly what their body is doing.

Some advice:

Don’t look to feel better, don’t try to relax. Let the sensory experience come to you. Our bodies may not give a lot of response at first because most of us want to make it happen and don’t believe in the process. That is ok to be skeptical. But do be open minded. Be clear in those three things mentioned earlier. There should be no pain or forcing. If there is take the balls away and begin with something else.

If your always interrupting, and just repeating over and over again, you can’t take in what your body is doing. Then it will be hard to take the feeling with you throughout your day. Don’t have expectations because the directions are easy that you will find this easy, its very unusual and is not based on information, intellect, but an ability we are all able to use and enjoy.

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