Miracle Ball Method: Finding Balance

Miracle Ball Method
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Venetian Blinds

Is your side body, pulling you down? 

Recently, I was teaching a class where I used an example of raising venetian blinds. Your hand must securely hold the strings on the side of the blinds to raise them evenly. Many times, one string would do a little more work than the other, and you would end up with what you see in the photo. Half the blind would be up the other half would be still hanging down. How does this relate to your body?

It is a good example of how the sides of our body are being pulled just like those blinds. This can put pressure on your back, hips, scoliosis and much more. It makes it very difficult to alleviate pain.

But what is pulling the strings? Why is it different on my right from my left? Why don’t I feel it?

We might get the hip pain on one side, or perhaps we feel our back is tighter on one side. Perhaps you have scoliosis and notice more sciatic pain down one leg than the other. There are so many parts of the body effected by how we use our legs and our arms. Sometimes we use one leg, more than the other. The way we use our feet to push against the floor, is like the hands holding the strings. if there’s a little bit more pushing on one side than the other, the result will be throughout your body. Many of us can look in a mirror and notice we are leaning. But few of us feel ourselves doing this. The pain is in my hip for example, why does it have anything to do with my legs? We are taught to treat the problem area as opposed to what’s causing the problems.

Developing your ability to feel or “sense” your body prevents you from being stuck.

We aren’t meant to walk around feeling how we move all day long. But we can spend some time learning how our body can self-adjust, so our sides become more balanced. Naturally if you noticed the blinds shorter on one side you would readjust the way you held the strings the next time. That of course if very simple, but that same logic applies to our bodies. We just don’t know how to apply it. If you notice what I said, you are presented with a simple problem, you have a visual and you fix it. Few of us are trained when it comes to our bodies to feel how we move, we just want to change it.

You can’t fix what you don’t feel.

The Miracle Ball Method is a very different system from exercise. It allows your nervous system to self-correct which is amazing we can do this. But it’s not without some understanding. The old paradigm of exercise is very different. Exercise is where you want to go, or what you want to do with your body. It works through imitation, repetition. The Miracle Body Method gives you a sense of what you are doing. The good news is its extremely easy to do but a very different set of directions.

Start now to build your ability to feel what your body is doing:

Just as our bodies adapt to our history, injuries, stress, alignment issues for example, it also is constantly able to adapt to new information. Observing, not fixing, is how your brain will adapt to dramatically improve how you move and feel. You won’t be stuck.

Although this may seem more like relaxation, and you may find yourself relaxing, you are asking yourself specific questions, and you want to gain some clarity in what you notice. It doesn’t matter what you describe.  But knowing this difference between liking what you feel, getting anxious when you notice your body, or what you hope to accomplish, are very different than simply noticing your body.

You can do this each day for 5 minutes. What happens is gradually your nervous system begins to use these observations. You might find you are straining, even when lying down, to hold your shoulders tight. You might find your body begins to encourage you to let them rest. This back-and-forth feedback is something many of us lose as we become adults.

Don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t change in a minute. It’s a powerful process that gets very easy over time. Your body really does know how to move, through what feels good and what doesn’t. We just don’t know how to listen to the feedback yet.

The balls make it easier to do and your body uses all these sensations to adjust. Get started today.

Miracle Ball Method - Elaine Petrone with neck on ball

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