A Member Of My Family Recently Got Into A Serious Car Accident

I wonder why it is so hard for most of us to believe that the body knows how to make us feel better. It does take a bit of understanding, how to experience the body helping us to recover from our day to day stresses and strains, painlessly and easily. Most of us are driven by information and complicated thoughts related to what it will take to improve how we feel physically and mentally. Having done the method for my entire adult life, I have experimented through many difficult times. When I was sure nothing would help, I would experiment. When the last thing I wanted to do was breathe, I exhaled. When every muscle in my body responded with a resounding “no” just go to bed, nothing will help, I gave my body a chance to recover. It became a curiosity to me, why does this work? And why is it so easy if I step out of the way.

Our Bodies Know Exactly How To Do This Healing Method

And it is so easy because thinking if you want to, or if you should, do not need to enter the equation. I learned years ago if I wanted to get in any routine, I never asked myself If I felt like it. Our thoughts are not always that accurate. And thoughts about the body, are quite different than simply feeling the body and letting it function. They can prevent the body from improving.  It is the difference between thinking about your favorite song and hearing it. It is a completely different visceral response to hear the music. Thoughts sometimes come so quickly they can take us further in the wrong direction. This leaves little room for the body to do its work.

Over the weekend a member of my family got in a serious car accident on the highway.

It could’ve been much worse. Although her car, and several cars involved were totaled, she did not have any injuries to her body. She was shaken up in many ways. Her body thrown around; she was completely out of control in those moments. Airbags going off, smoke, fire engines showing up, and unsure of what would happen next. Would another car come as she was exiting her car, and cause further damage?

After so many years I am not sure why it always surprises me that the one thing I know would help to calm her down and physically feel better she would not do at first.  Of course, her muscles were extremely tight from the anxiety this event produced, her thoughts were making it hard to settle down and let the body work for her.

Relieving Muscle Tension and Anxiety

One day she texted from work how exhausted she was. Again I say, push your chair away from your desk, make an ssss sound , let your body simply respond. Don’t fix it, don’t try and make yourself feel better, make the s sound on and off for 5 minutes. Let your body do its work.

Maybe I should have said nothing. She eventually came into a class and broke the spell of the inertia. I watched as her body came alive. I have watched people over the years use all the information out there to feel better, but rarely have a personal experience with their own body. It may be as simple as we just don’t believe the body knows what to do and we keep feeding it more and more information and then respond to more thoughts about the information. Learn the difference between feeling, that personal experience of being able to sense your own body, and all the information that cannot work without that experience.

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