Move with Ease and Pleasure: Free Webinar – Are You a Tight Ass?

Come to my Free Webinar, Are you a Tight Ass? Saturday Sept 16th 1pm ET

Are You a Tight Ass?

Clenching our muscles inspired this colloquialism. Like so many sayings related to the body, for example weight of the world on my shoulders, pain in the neck, weak in the knees, no backbone, there are probably hundreds of these sayings. There is meaning behind how they came about. Let’s talk about how “un” clenching your hips, could relieve low back aches, sciatic pain, sore feet, and knees, all while improving the way you move.

Come to the free webinar this Saturday 1 PM Eastern time. You’ll hear me say a lot, don’t fight your body feel it. The only way to actually achieve that is moving away from the “clump” way most of us move.   The three parts of the method will help that sense of everything tightening at one time, while introducing you to move with ease so you can love the way you move.  Trust your body does know more than you think it does.

+ First you have to feel what your body does when you move. Discover for yourself, are you clenching the muscles of your buttocks, thus the title of the workshop series “Are you a tight ass?”?

A lot of times we fight with our body because we don’t feel it. In our defense we actually can lose feeling even though our muscles are working so hard.  The only thing we know is to force it or strain it with the same parts of our bodies we use over and over again. Then other parts of the body don’t work at all, or very little.

+ The second piece of the method is, The Miracle Ball Method inspires feedback from the body through specific cues, and using tools like the balls, Whole Body Moves, and your breathing. It’s the way we do this that is very unique. We allow our body to “un” do and take us to where it knows it can function freely!

+ Then the third piece of the method is once you feel more, you can do it different! Many of us just need a little guidance to get the ball rolling, sorry for the pun. The ultimate sensation is the love and the joy of moving. You become familiar with the difference between moving with the old habits and allowing your body to move differently. Whether its exercise a sport, dance, martial arts or moving around your home moving is joyful. We are not meant to be afraid of it or a victim of it. Many of us are because our power can be taken away from us by the way injuries are sometimes handled. Having worked in a hospital for almost 20 years, sometimes the cure is worse than the disease. There are options. This is not exercise. Exercise is like the meal a chef makes, or the song a musician plays. They need the ingredients to make the food and a tuned-up instrument to play a song. Tune up your body. Then go and see how pleasurable it can be to move.

Come to the free webinar on Saturday are you a tight ass September 16 1 PM eastern time.