For stiff shoulders, carpal tunnel syndrome, and a great stress reducer.

Hands are extremely connected to movement and to moving with freedom and flow – just look at any sport, dance, martial arts, or folk dancing around the world. Unfortunately, though, most of us don’t realize the connection of our hands to the rest of our body. And often, we don’t reach, we grab. We don’t wrap, we grasp tightly. Our hands pull us forward at the computer and while texting, they roll our shoulders forward or back. When our hands stiffen up it actually creates a chain reaction of stiffness throughout our bodies.

What to do: Whether you are sitting at your kitchen table, lying in bed, or on the floor, rest your wrist over the ball. Let the power of gravity do the work as you cue yourself to “un” work and unwind those gnarled fingers. Feel that loosening up into the arm gradually as you move each finger and gently bend at the wrist.

Remember. Go slowly. The movement should be unforced and painless. This move will loosen that “grip” our hands have on things we hold, carry, and touch all day. It will bring back flexibility, circulation and blood flow — which will in turn benefit the rest of your body. This move of one of my student’s favorites and I know it will be yours, too.