Do you know where your pelvis is?

A lot of us get an achy low back and struggle between holding ourselves up stiffly and just collapsing. Why is it so hard to maintain great posture without it feeling so forced? The same reason our lower back aches. Tight leg joints. Most people’s leg joints are tight. As a result, this puts all the work of moving on the lower back. This is where your pelvis comes in. I call the pelvis ‘the great connector’ which is simply because it connects the leg joints and the lower spine. Think of the pelvis as a hammock between two trees. It supports the low back and keeps us effortlessly balanced. Find your pelvis and help your posture and your achy back.

To start, gradually let your own body weight bring you forward–let gravity do its thing. Your body will bend at the top of the leg (the leg joint) (see the photo). Essentially, you’re folding your pelvis over your thighs. Now straighten up using your pelvis to lift you. You’ll begin to feel that leg-pelvis connection. Try this a few times to get the hang of it. Remember to use the weight of your body to bring you forward and don’t hold your breath! Try this must-do move several times a day. It’s not only great for easing your low back pain, but it’s great for your pelvis floor…and it doesn’t hurt your love life either.