Revolutionize Your Fitness Model: The Missing Link – Miracle Ball Method

Getting more out of the method, taking classes:

There are lost of ways to introduce yourself and continue to grow in the benefits of doing the method. Reading the Miracle Ball Method book, online videos, and classes are an essential piece. Because the Miracle Ball Method is not exercise, the directions are very different. It makes the videos and classes so helpful. Go to for free videos and more.

Many people who have done the method for there own personal reasons are surprised when it works. The directions are somewhat counterintuitive. It may seem the opposite of what we are told we should do to feel better, and its just too easy.

The look of joy on people’s faces is always rewarding because I don’t do it for them. They are using the tools that the method provides. Those tools are the language; the words that are used. The pacing of the method gives time from feedback from your body. Understanding your own Body Dialogue, using the Body Formula, and becoming familiar with key areas of the body, provide relief from many everyday discomforts like low back aches, stiffness, anxiety, tight shoulders. As it also improves the shape of our bodies. The breathing helps us burn more calories, improves the metabolism.

What to expect when starting classes:

The classes bring all of this through the structure of each class. Each person’s miraculous nervous system, thus the way the name “Miracle Ball Method”, does the work. That piece of it always works. We must get rid of the idea of right and wrong and realize our body will tell us when something is right or wrong. The need to regain trust in our bodies is even more evident today. Everyone seems to be an expert on what you need to do for your body. Everyone seems to have the power to tell us what will work and what won’t. Our bodies tell us so much we just aren’t listening. None teaches us how.

Our bodies are not machines. You cannot plug in the “right” exercises and make it work. That is why so many people with the best of health professionals still have chronic injuries, pain, anxiety. Information alone cannot replace what feedback you get from your own body when you start doing the method.

Getting started teaching:

If you have been doing the method and feel you want to begin to teach now is a great time. The beauty of teaching is you continue to grow and learn from your students. There are multiple levels of understanding to grow in the method. There are basic classes where a person can begin to feel how there is feedback from our body moment to moment. Using the balls as a neurological tool to regain feeling in key areas of the body as opposed to simply rolling on them to relieve pain. Once we regain feeling you regain your power and strength. But people need classes. they need that support from others that want to go on this journey and bring others along with them.

There is a lot to learn, and it’s a joyful journey. Now the training is at your own pace. You can take unlimited classes online for a year, have sessions with me alone to go over your questions and share your experiences, and practice teaching your own classes is encouraged along the way.

To learn more go to our certification page.