Rushing Part 2

The Miracle Ball Method

Relieve your Pain, Reduce your Stress, and Reshape your body.

I thought about the recent Blog on rushing, and wanted to address how the Method might help. What makes the Method unique is understanding our body is giving us feedback all the time. The Method takes that feedback and uses it during the classes. But we can also use it during our day when we find ourselves rushing from job to job, or place to place.
For example, when most of us rush we begin to hold our breath, or even over breathe, which is very common. These kinds of awareness’s give our body an opportunity to make adjustments. Those improvements can be instantaneous once you realize the body doesn’t want to hold the breath, stiffen the neck, or clench the jaw, we just never notice it while we are rushing. It takes a bit of learning, but the feedback can improve you instantaneously! But you do have to acknowledge details. Each of us has our own unique ways of making ourselves stressed and miserable.


how to relieve excess muscle tensionI think the best thing I discovered when first doing the method, is feedback. No one had ever explained that to me. Because most of us are “thinking” about our body, that feedback doesn’t happen. We tend to just do one movement after another after another. We figure the more we move the better. But more of something ineffectual doesn’t really help you. You can’t think the body you have to feel it and then get more specific with what you feel.

Feedback is multilayered, it’s your bodies own alignment system adjusting. Think about that, your own body knows how to adjust you into a better place. But it can’t if you are “holding” it in your stuck place.

The Devil is in the details!

I would argue in every other thing we do in life we are very specific. We know when we like a certain food, what ingredients taste good. Then we may want to cook it ourselves and get more detailed in how long to cook and how much of each ingredient. There are so many variables. If you like to eat, that can be very motivating. I love to move, without pain, so doing the Method was extremely motivating. It’s also very easy to do once you understand a bit of directions.

When most of us think of feeling better, we want to “relax, release, let go”. We think, these muscles are tight that’s why I hurt. In some ways that is true. But it’s only the tip of the iceberg. That is why so many get a great massage, meditate, and feel better. But they really don’t acknowledge physically what’s different, and how it got that way. As a result, the body returns to its habits because it wasn’t replaced with anything new. You liked the feeling, just don’t know how you got there. You liked the meal, just don’t know how to make it….

Similarly with your body, you need the physical language the details, to create more feeling and then get different responses. Your nervous system will then use this information, almost in a miraculous way, to make those adjustments. It will lower your stress and help you to move with ease. Those are the results when you let your body give you feedback. If those are your objectives, that’s what you will get, temporarily. Then your body will gradually return to its previous stress responses, ways of moving and the same backaches, tight shoulders and poor breathing will return.