Saturday Summer Camp of the Method

Saturday Workshop Series Testimonial Email

I wanted to share a recent email from someone in the Saturday Workshop Series. It is a diverse group of people from around the world. She signed her email, Saturday Summer Camp of the Method! I think it says it all. For those of you thinking, what could I do to learn more? Here is an email from someone who had used the balls for a while, and just began taking ZOOM classes. The classes are great for taking your body to another level in the most miraculous way!

Dear Elaine,

How fantastic these 90-minute classes are for me. We have more time for actually practicing as you talk us through, but we also have more time for you to talk, and, as I’ve said before, your talk before and throughout and at the end of class is critical to my absorbing the method. And the recordings are gold. I went through the work of last Saturday’s class twice, and am really looking forward to this week’s recording, as I took in SO much and am anxious to repeat it.

As more people spoke up, that it was really helpful for me to hear their experiences, particularly with their feelings of discomfort afterwards, or even a day later. I’ve also had that experience, and thought it was that I wasn’t executing the moves as they should be, but your explanation about how actually our bodies are working places that have been dormant or held made a lot of sense, as I continue to add understanding to the building blocks of the method.

Another example of that was a while ago in a class where a member said when she was on one ball underneath her pelvis, she was wobbly and shaky, and you said that was because she wasn’t fully giving in to the weight. I had also had that experience and hearing her observation and your response meant that I was able to bring a new level of feeling to my practice on one ball under the pelvis. And it made a difference. So, keep harassing us to talk to you when you ask a question!

I also appreciate your continued emphasis on how our thoughts — the thinking part — interfere with alleviating the pain/tension/anxiety we’re experiencing, and that the solution is to do something of the method right then — sitting and breathing or using the balls in a way that allows the weight to settle on them and breathing.

Thanks again for this wonderful Saturday summer camp of the method!




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