Simple Solutions for Lower Back Ache

The body is simple people are not. When it comes to many chronic aches and pains that people have there are simple solutions. Unfortunately, the pain is sometimes so big we think a solution must be equally as complex. But it’s not that way, these thoughts can complicate what the body does naturally.

Finding your leg joints:

For example, a key area of our body is the leg joint, a simple joint where the leg connects to the pelvis. Foundationally it is the support for your whole body. The muscles are extremely strong in this area, they tend to get very tight, stiff, locking the pelvis into positions that put a lot of stress on the lower back.

Since most people with lower back ache want to work on their lower back, they miss a simple solution to find releif, finding the leg joint. Think of it as a hinge connecting a door to a wall. Although it has a much bigger range of motion, it is a good analogy. It you lock that hinge between the door and wall, there will be no movement. The door will not open, or you will rip the wall to get it open.

Simple Solutions for Lower Back Ache

You can try something on your own, very simple to do to see if you can begin to feel the connection between your leg muscles and your lower back. We tend to use the old ways of thinking about exercise and just focus on the part we are moving. The Miracle Ball Method works through the nervous system. Your nervous system connects you to your entire body. It’s more like electricity. When you do movements begin to notice if you feel responses throughout different parts of your body.

Simple Solutions for Lower Back Ache

  1. Lie on the floor, if possible, stretch your legs out notice what kind of arch you have in your lower back, big, small, tight, anything at all. Notice other things about the way your body touches the floor. Is your lower back lifted off the floor? do you tend to hold your breath? What do you notice about your shoulders? Be specific. Remember its not about fixing but feeling.
  2. Then gradually bend your knees, rest your feet on the floor, notice any changes through all the parts of your body that you just noticed. Then stretch your legs back out. Especially notice if your lower back begins to sink against the floor, try this a few times. Do you feel the connection between your legs and other parts of your body? DO you stop breathing? Your body will always give you feedback in one way or another.

When you want to relieve your low back, you need to make a connection to your legs by getting that sense of how you might be locking that leg joint, preventing it from lengthening your lower back as it does when the knees are bent. It is possible when your legs are stretched out or when you’re standing, that your lower back muscles stretch due to this amazing joint. There are just two options, the old way or the new things you observe. You either lengthen or lock your leg joint.
-If you don’t know where the joint is, or if you don’t know that your leg joint is being held like a fist holding on tightly to a pen or pencil, then you’re not going to be able to get the benefits to relieve the tight back muscles.

Hips on two balls is a great one to try on your own. You can go to miracle and see the video of hips on the balls and try some simple solutions. Your mind will always want to interject a sense of confusion and anxiety. There’s so much information out there about the body, and that can never replace your experience with your own body.