Taking the Feeling you get on the Ball, with you Off the Ball

Miracle Ball Method - Elaine Petrone with neck on ball

Although most people agree that being on the ball feels amazing, over the years many people have asked, “I love that feeling, but how do I keep my backache from returning? Whether it is your back, knees, hips, or shoulders. Or, even if you want to reshape your body and improve the way you move, while lowering stress. You can take the feeling with you that you have on the ball, off the ball. With some basic but very specific directions, this will happen. How much further you want to go is usually based on what you are starting with.

About Me

When I began, I was 19. The problem with my right leg was bad enough, so the idea that I could live with this for the rest of my life was a bit of a shock. I was very motivated to learn as much as I could. I wasn’t getting any answers. Even worse, if I was having an experience of relief, with no idea how long it would last. Or, what caused the relief in the first place? I lived in fear that my next move would set off another episode of pain. For someone like me, it was essential to take the feelings with me on the ball, off the ball. I wanted to move freely again without fear. I couldn’t live on the floor on the balls forever, although I did for hours and days at a time.

Others might enjoy the balls as a stress reducer, and to get a good stretch. I have had students over the years get an episode of low back pain, we work through it, and if I run into them 5 years later they are doing great. It never returns. Everyone is different. Everyone’s motivations are different and interprets what they feel differently. For example, “One person’s pleasure is another person’s pain.” That is true.

The Stuck Body

Most people feel to get relief they have to control every aspect of the way they move. Tighten this, relax that, breathe this way. They’re under the impression when they can’t improve chronic low backache, or when they can’t relax their neck or shoulders, that their body is in some way in worse shape than they thought.

The miracle of the method is that the body does adapt to new or old ways of moving. The Stuck Body is the old. It’s one way of moving that you probably are not too aware of and as a result never change it. It’s kind of like making a soup putting in wrong ingredients and expecting it to taste good. It won’t change if you keep doing it the same way every time. The Stuck Body is not giving your body a chance to do what it knows how to do. That is how you take the feelings on the ball off the ball.

Notice how different you move when you are off the ball. In the classes, we begin to notice these details to allow your nervous system to move differently. If you don’t acknowledge these changes when off the ball, you will return to your Stuck Body.

Upcoming Free Open Classes in December

This month, hoping this will make the holidays a little merrier, join me for two shorter classes with a new format. I am hoping this will allow you to fit them into your busy schedule. I hope to see you there and for you to continue your journey on and off the balls!

Happy Holiday: Open Classes Dec 9th And Dec 23rd 12:00 ET. Click here for more information and to sign in and get your link on that day.

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