The Miracle Ball Method and Pregnancy

From prenatal through postpartum

Your body can recover from the miraculous work of carrying and delivering your baby. Don’t wait. Start now. 

All it takes is a strategically placed ball, a long and deep breath, and gravity.

The aches and pains of pregnancy melt away.

  • Find relief for Pregnancy-related issues such as sciatic pain, backaches, weight problems, elevated stress levels, TMJ, and more.
  • Dozens of un-exercises specially designed to counter the unique stresses and tensions of pregnancy, breastfeeding and postpartum recovery.
  • Reshaping Your Body After Birth: Plus it offers newfound relief during labor and helps reshape the body – and recharge your confidence and energy—afterward.
  • Mindful Breathing for Two (or More!) is an essential component of the method – and one of the best tools to have for your whole life—whether you have 5 minutes or 5 seconds.

Elaine’s Pregnancy Story

The idea for The Miracle Ball Method for Pregnancy grew out of my own prenatal and postpartum experience carrying twins, as well as the thousands of women who have attended my classes over the years. I tailored my method to target the areas that were plaguing me and the results were amazing.

My postpartum period presented an entirely new set of challenges. Carrying such large babies (7 pounds each!) had left my body a mess. I had what is called “twin skin,” excess skin that I could roll up and tuck into my pants. On top of that, my stress levels soared. The method was more essential than ever.

Gradually my muscles began to lengthen and my body to realign. I began to regain my shape as well as my confidence and energy, allowing me to do the real work of taking care of my babies.

The Miracle Ball Method for pregnancy: prenatal through postpartum