The Miracle Ball Method for Posture and Balance Part 2

Relieve your Pain, Reduce your Stress, Reshape your Body.

Posture and Balance with the Miracle Ball Method

Gaining an understanding that your body knows where good posture and balance is will allow you to enjoy the process.  The old idea of the static stiff laborious way people think of posture and balance must stop. It is based on the idea of imitating a position of the body. You imitate what you see as good posture and then hold on! Nothing can be more miserable than fighting with your body to stay in an unnatural position or holding on to balance. In the next Free Webinar on April 27th 1pm ET, I will give you one movement that will change your posture and improve balance.

One movement done well, is better than 50 exercises done badly.

Posture and Balance Part 2

Your body is listening to everything we tell it. As a result, our thoughts are very important to how your body is going to feel and move. Because most of us aren’t aware of this we don’t make the connection that our body is simply listening to how it has been trained, by us, to be.

Most of us are familiar with the subconscious thoughts of our mind. We are not usually aware of how these are fully impacting us.  It is similar with our body. We are not aware of the thoughts that are moving us one way or another. I believe the body is much simpler to work with because it is less emotional. But without this understanding, we can become extremely emotional when we have things about our body we want to improve and everything we try doesn’t work, until now.

Your Subconscious Body:

I was speaking with a man recently who came to my studio. He saw all the balls and said when he goes to the gym, he uses balls similar to what he saw. He said it feels great. Since I knew he had chronic lower back aches, I responded to him. “You roll on the balls all the time and it feels good while you are doing it, but the backache comes back”. He nodded yes.

When we do things with our body, a massage, acupuncture, many of us feel great while it is happening, and even for some time afterwards. Our bodies are each unique and there are many contributing parts to when and why the stiffness, aches, pain, fatigue might return.

It’s the same with balance and posture, we might feel amazing while we workout, or hold positions of posture and balance, but it easily disappears somehow.

This is where the Body Dialogue comes in, or the subconscious body as I was describing above, like the subconscious mind. We have been training our body for years to stand and use certain muscles more than others. Even our breathing is unique to our body. If you don’t understand this, your body will always return to the subconscious body, you will feel like its inevitable to be stuck with poor posture, weak lower back muscles and many more aches and pains most people suffer with.

Using this Knowledge.

When I teach others, I remind people that I am asking them to feel what they don’t feel. I remember being in therapy many years ago. I thought it was a waste of time. Week after week I went to the therapist until one day the therapist slowly walked to the door and opened it. Was my session over? I had only been there a short time. He looked at me and said there was nothing he could do. I didn’t feel I had any problems different from anyone else. My point here is I couldn’t feel anything. I had significant challenges, but I couldn’t feel anything, and it was frustrating me, as much as it was this doctor. I could describe every aspect of my life, and even laugh about it. But the underlying thoughts, well I didn’t go there.

The fear of leaving that safe environment made me get emotional. For some reason, that began an interesting journey. It wasn’t so much what I felt, but there was a lot more underlying my day to day. I was managing my life nicely from the outside. Well, this is another story.

It’s not so much what you are doing, but what you notice.

In my time in therapy, the doctor described me like the orient express. That is how quickly I moved through life. That was my strategy for feeling good. I missed a lot, and it was exhausting, but I felt at least I was moving. My life was more quantity, not quality.

I have a son who as he grew up, he was great at a few things. He stood out. But he had no interest in those things at all. He never developed them, and he moved on to something else. I have a friend who is an artist, he sees things that I do not. He uses his art to express himself. He notices things. I know great dancers, mechanics, that do the same. They notice things and if they are interested and moved by what they notice they become good at what they do. But that piece is essential, becoming moved by a feeling, a sense of wanting something. My son didn’t care that he was good at those things, so nothing happened. He didn’t even notice he was good. He just moved on. I’m asking you to notice your body. You may not get any feeling, but since it is your body, let’s see what you might discover. You might really like the journey.

How does this relate to posture and balance?

Anything you want to do with your body is very much based on what you feel, in this case your posture, balance. Feeling the physical body is not hard, but it’s not superficial. Just as I was doing with that doctor, I was confident my life was completely under control. I just couldn’t leave my house!

With our bodies you decide if you are feeling it based on how you feel, right? Most people only notice things that are wrong. But that is your body giving you information. Just like my son, its how you respond to that information. If you believe your body can’t make changes, you don’t. that is pretty much what the world tells you. Your body doesn’t self-adjust, it doesn’t know balance, you have to make it happen. That is inaccurate.

Feelings are sending new messages back to your nervous system. It is essential to acknowledge what you notice. Then it becomes much easier to change, almost too easy for some. If your head is forward lift it up. If you hold your breath, notice how you do that. Your body knows what to do once you begin to change the dialogue. Is there a process, yes. But anything you love is worth learning more about. Or, maybe you just want to feel better, and loving your body will come.

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