The Miracle Ball Method for Posture and Balance

Relieve your Pain, Reduce your Stress, Reshape your Body.

Miracle Ball Method - Elaine Petrone with neck on ball

Gaining an understanding that your body knows where good posture and balance is will allow you to enjoy the process. The old idea of the static stiff laborious way people think of posture and balance must stop. It is based on the idea of imitating a position of the body. You imitate what you see as good posture and then hold on! Nothing can be more miserable than fighting with your body to stay in an unnatural position or holding on to balance. In the next Free Webinar on April 27th 1pm ET, I will give you one movement that will change your posture and improve balance.

One movement done well, is better than 50 exercises done badly.

Most of us are looking in the wrong direction because there are no options. The Miracle Ball Method is the missing link as it works through your nervous system, developing your kinesthetic sense. I know that might sound like a mouthful, but think about it, your nervous system knows how to balance and achieve good posture. Your body does not work as a bunch of isolated parts, but integrated parts, together to make movement happen.

Remember stand up straight, shoulders back, stick your chest out. That didn’t work for most of us. You are working from an idea, a thought.  Develop the feeling of your body, all the parts. It’s easier. Even if you could achieve it by forcing, your body will return to the inner dialogue, or what I call your own personal Body Dialogue. Most people are only familiar with this kind of superficial way of “holding” positions, which cause your back to hurt more, or your body to fatigue after a while.  There are reasons you are hunched forward, or why some injuries become chronic. Why fight with the direction your body is going in, you won’t win. Your body knows what direction to go in, we have to “un” do the ace bandage most of us have around our torso.

What you do all day, perhaps sitting in front of a computer or standing long periods of time, can make us feel stuck in one position. Perhaps you have alignment issues like scoliosis. Maybe you’ve had an injury and simply don’t want to do anything that might hurt you. Using the Miracle Ball Method allows the excess muscle tension to ease up, so your body can realign. You will have to and want to enjoy how this works. Most of us have bad posture because we simply know little about how our nervous system realigns us. Letting the nervous system realign you is easy with some direction, and consistency. It won’t be hard to be consistent because it feels good.

Incorporating these benefits into your everyday life:

When you exercise instead of just focusing on the exercise, notice how you do the exercise. Incorporate the feeling of your breathing, the weight of your parts and develop your Body Dialogue. In the next webinar, we will go over key areas and then movements you probably do every day. After being on the balls, you will have more of a sense of your body, more circulation, and you can begin to move differently. We will incorporate that into the next Webinar.

Posture and Balance are the result of using your whole body.

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Do it different!

 Using the Miracle Ball Method, learn how one movement done well, that you probably do during your day, can improve your posture and balance.  It will also relieve stiffness from tight neck and shoulders and take stress off the low back, all while improving the shape of your body.

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