TMJ: How Relieving Excess Tension in your Jaw Can Relieve Lower Back Aches, and Much More.

3 Major Differences Between Exercise and The Miracle Ball Method

The Miracle Ball Method and exercise is comparing apples to oranges. One does not replace the other.
Let me first describe three major differences between Miracle Ball Method and Exercise.

  1. Miracle Ball Method focuses on what your body is doing, rather than only what you want it to do. Exercise focuses more on how to make your body do a particular exercise.
  2. Miracle Ball Method uses the body as an integrated network of parts which self-aligns to balance and better breathing. Exercise tends to break the body down into parts and then works on those individual parts disconnected from the whole.
  3. Miracle Ball Method allows time for your body to give you feedback. Exercise tends to be repetitive and imitative. You learn from watching others.


Think of your body like dominoes, you tip one, they are all connected and create a response. If they get disconnected, they stop moving, they are stuck. We are similar. Keep the domino image in mind, when you follow the directions of the method to relieve the excess jaw tension, or TMJ. There is a similar chain reaction like the dominoes. Your lower back, neck, shoulders, all will begin to make this kinesthetic connection as you get responses from what you are experiencing with your jaw. It is natural for the body. But it is very unnatural for the way most of us are familiar with learning exercise.

People want to get relief, but they keep focusing on the jaw, or their stiff neck, but never get the benefit of letting the body realign because they are isolating one domino from the other. There is no connection.

Experiment a bit for yourself!

When following the directions below, notice how they relate to the 3 differences described above. You want to avoid forcing and fixing. That reinforces the old paradigm of how to improve your body. Begin to notice what you do feel, begin to sense your body as a whole, and does your body give any feedback. Don’t burden yourself with what you think you “should” feel. Most of us limit our potential significantly.

Directions for Open Mouth Breathing:

Elayne Hand to Mouth

Where to do this: This can be done anywhere. I have done this at meetings, traveling on planes and trains and sitting in a chair. Because you are using your hand this time to cover your mouth, no one knows what you are doing, and there is no sound.

  1. Check in for 15 seconds and notice your breathing and how you are sitting. Don’t fix it feel it!
  2. Bring your hand up to your mouth as you allow yourself to open your mouth. Feel the weight.
  3. Gradually begin to exhale on to your hand as if you were fogging up a window with your breath.
  4. Slowly close your mouth as you put your hand down, and notice any responses, feedback.
  5. If nothing happens, for now that is a response. Our bodies are used to the repetition with no response time allowed. At least allow a few breaths to happen.
  6. Then repeat the above. Do this for 3-5 minutes to begin with.

Some questions to consider while doing the Open Mouth Breathing: Do you begin to feel breathing in other parts of your body? is the exhalation a little longer? do you notice any muscles involved with your exhalation. Where do you feel the air on an inhalation?

Do you feel other parts of your body wanting to make an adjustment, or move, based on your breathing?

Some possible responses are wanting to stretch, yawning, eyes tearing, there can be many responses.

Tip: Remember people don’t have trouble breathing as much as they are unaware how they “hold” their breath. Most people’s muscles around their ribs can feel like a tight ace bandage is wrapped around their torso when they breathe. Don’t try to fight this. Gradually the air will come in as the muscle tension begins to ease up. Its more about letting the air out. There is an automatic reflex action which will then pull the breath back in. There’s a lot that begins to happen naturally as we are open minded to how smart our bodies are. Your body is listening. Feed it information that it can use. This will begin to change everything. Enjoy.

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