When exercise doesn’t work

When people try the miracle ball method, they inevitably use the directions that they have learned from exercise. The Miracle Ball Method is the opposite of exercise. Think of it this way. If you are a pianist, the piano is your instrument. Similarly, your body is your instrument. The pianist might play classical or jazz. That doesn’t make them a great musician because of the type of music they choose to play. You don’t have a better body because you do yoga or dance. It’s the way you do yoga. It’s the way that person plays a particular song. That is why there is not one exercise that works for all people.

The Miracle Ball Method 4" Miracle BallThe Miracle Ball Method is like tuning up your instrument. You would never see a musician play without tuning up the instrument. Have you ever gone to a museum and seen art lovers stare at paintings for a while? In the same way a musician uses their sense of hearing, those looking at paintings are using their sense of vision. Bodies use their kinesthetic sense. This is a game changer for how exercise is going to work for you throughout your life. You can improve it immensely, and from what I have seen, it is essential in order for our bodies to realign and adjust us as they are meant to do.

When you use the miracle ball method you are not repeating exercises or trying to imitate the way someone else moves. In fact, what’s amazing is discovering the way you move. Through that experience, your brain uses that information. Its like rebooting your computer. Most of us have no idea how it happens. You unplug it, plug it back into the wall and it works. From teaching thousands of people over the years, there is always that funny look at the end of class. They’re not sure how it happened, but their back feels better, they’re moving easier.

When I had chronic pain, it was of course like for many devastating. I was trapped in a way of moving that was debilitating. It got worse. It effected the way I lived my life. It ruled my life. No one had ever asked me to check in with my body. Everyone kept telling me what to do “to” my body. It’s a very interesting process, once you really feel your body, it begins to change. It may even change in ways that you didn’t think you needed. It changes as a whole instrument. We like to divide our body into sections, and then fix them. But your body doesn’t work that way. It is extremely connected to gravity, it moves through the experience of weight. As you allow yourself to be supported by the balls you begin to feel where you might be chronically holding, for no real reason, just a habit maybe. I, like many of my students was a professional breath holder. Long periods of stress in my life led me there. I just never really recovered up to that time. I was young at the time, and exercised daily. I continued to get worse. After trying everything, I was left very confused.

Until I began to feel my body, I couldn’t change it. You can’t change what you don’t feel. Most of us never realize, the reason our body can’t improve, take the chronic pain away, relieve the anxieties, is our body is actually listening, intently to what we tell it. Discovering your Body Dialogue and add some new cues. Its like tuning up your instrument in a pretty miraculous way. You will probably discover you exercise, move, it ways you never imagined possible.

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