After Work or Hard Workout Destressing: Hips on Two Balls

After a long day on the job or an uber work out, it is important to let your body recover and readjust anything that you may have tweaked out of alignment—such as your lower back.

That’s where the Hips on Two Balls move comes in!

As with all the Miracle Ball moves, learn to use the balls to simply rest on. Yes, it does seem somewhat counterintuitive, but it’s not. That’s the Miracle!

Exhale….ssssss….and let your own body weight and the placement of the balls give you the sensation of relief — mentally and physically. Once you allow your body to STOP, it can then go to work and you can feel that magic happening.

Watch the Hips on Two Balls video and notice that the two balls are strategically placed to relieve lower back ache. Hips on Two Balls is also a great move to do the day after a work out to relieve ‘day-after’ stiffness.