How Listening to your Body can Relieve Chronic Pain

Relieve chronic pain, Reduce stress, and Reshape your body

The Miracle Ball Method

how to relieve excess muscle tensionI am always surprised how in everyday life people can tell when something is off balance and intuitively fix it. If your shoelace is tight, it’s a simple oppositional pull and the tension is there. Your laces are tied. We dive into art and music, honing our sense of vision and hearing. We enjoy it. We don’t have to do a lot of thinking because, it just makes sense!

But when it comes to our bodies, we don’t use common sense. We don’t draw on the logic we use in all other areas of our life. We still have the same ways of teaching people to move. Its usually imitative, and repetitious. It doesn’t rely on our senses.  It more relies on what other people see, or say to us.

Its interesting when I see someone with their head several inches forward, or one shoulder higher than the other. They don’t notice it. And if it is pointed out to them, they rely on an exercise or treatment to fix them. For example, when our back hurts, or we have an injury that becomes chronic, we rely on others to fix us. We comb through hundreds of exercises, treatments, or therapy. We have more information now when it comes to healing chronic pain, and yet 80% of people over 40 will experience an episode of chronic pain.

Exercise doesn’t heal your body. It’s the feeling of exercise that heals your body.

Information doesn’t heal the body. It is your own personal experience of feeling your body that heals. That is why there is no “cure” for so many of the everyday ailments we live with from Carpal tunnel, to tennis elbow.

Developing your sense or ability to “feel” your physical body is as simple as learning to tie a bow or carve out the letters of the alphabet. It seems challenging at first, and then it becomes effortless. Through our senses our bodies intuitively know how to realign, balance, and make adjustments in order to relieve what is causing the problem. By using this “sense of body” or kinesthetic sense” our bodies can fix us. It’s an unfamiliar process.

Healing Chronic Pain through Listening to your body

When I use the word chronic, I am referring to the low backaches, knee issues, neck and shoulder problems, posture, and alignment issues that we have had looked at by our professionals, treated and yet they still seem to be with us.

When you use the Miracle Ball Method you are developing a more profound sense of your physical body. You are listening. The ultimate goal of listening, whether it be in a conversation or listening to music, is to respond. Many of us are more reactive in this process than responsive. As you get more feedback from your body, there is usually a pleasurable experience. Holding our muscles in a straight jacket, preventing us from freely breathing, is not only painful but exhausting. When you do the Method your body can not only remove the straight jacket, it is free now to fully function. I say linger longer, take your time, and enjoy it. Its not just feeling good for no reason. Its realigning you, taking the pressure off the backs, the hips whatever ails you. Be responsive. Encourage your body to do what it knows how to do.

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The Ageless Body Connection - Miracle Ball Method by Elaine Petrone

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