Why Classes are so Helpful to Relieve Stress, Reduce Chronic Pain and Improve Posture and Balance

Why Taking A Miracle Ball Method Class Can Be Transformational

I know it sounds self-serving since I developed this method. I don’t feel that way, since its your bodies method. Once you get the tools, and they are very specific, your body then changes. It always goes in the right direction. It knows what to do. I am more of a coach making suggestions giving you tools.

Bodies are habitual. You probably stir your coffee a certain direction, part your hair on a certain side, eat the same foods, or talk in a certain way. We would be very concerned if we woke up and everything had changed. Most of us not only like the routine, but we will also do almost anything to keep it. In some way the habits, routine, become a barricade of sorts, that keeps bad things out. In some ways they create bad things too. It doesn’t always let new things, that could be good for us, in.

How Our Bodies Are Great Examples Of Our Habits, Routines and History

We walk, breathe, use our hands, exercise, move in our own individual way. Our bodies are directly connected to our history. Perhaps your father moved a certain way or your Auntie Joan. Maybe you were on a soccer team, and everyone seems to move a certain way, want a certain look to their bodies. You may tuck your pelvis under and throw your shoulder back unknowingly. Bodies are adaptable to where we tell them to go, for the most part. Sometimes they rebel. Sometimes what we want them to do is just not working for them. This is a good thing but it can also be scary when you seem out of control. What are all these new feelings? They must be bad.

Maybe you sit at a desk for long hours slumped over the computer, not breathing. Maybe your thoughts agitate you with fears and worries that make your muscles stiff and your breathing shallow. The problem with habits, is we usually do not feel them we perpetuate them, day in and day out until sometimes we just can’t feel our leg. Or our back spasms. We try to find out the reasons, what did I do? Then we try to find a cure, please fix me?

Maybe you get anxiety where your fears of dying or going crazy seem to have taken over. Our habits, just like smoking or drinking, can get out of control. What was a simple glass of wine is now a bottle a day and you can’t stop. What was a great job, where you sat for a few hours, has now taken over your entire life. Even good stress like success at your job, or having a baby, can have that “other “side, where we can’t really continue the way we are going.

Miracle Ball Method Classes Help Reduce Stress and Chronic Pain

The consistency of taking a class is a slow gradual support that profoundly allows your body to self-adjust and experience a new routine. We can’t have no routine, little by little you replace the cycle of stress and pain with something your body already knows how to do. Your body doesn’t simply relax or let go. It goes much further if you observe.  Stresses and strains in the muscles you may have had for many years seem to take you in a new direction. Even better, it also aligns with our thoughts, creativity is stirred, what do I really want to be doing? Confidence can re-emerge, because your body can feel like it is an ally and not the enemy.

We want to stay in our habit. As miserable as it can feel physically, or as exhausting as fighting the paper tiger can be, any thing is better than change. We like our habits, and maybe we are a little bit of a victim of our habits.

Life at times, is a very scary place when things feel out of control. A psychologist once said to me, maybe that is your subconscious mind leading you to the right place. In the case of the Miracle Ball Method, I found there is an amazing part of your brain that can lead your body to the right place too.

The Miracle Ball Method Branding - Elaine Petrone, Stamford CT

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