Must-Do Move to Restore-Relieve-Renew: Standing on Your Own Two Feet

When I look at peoples’ feet, I sometimes think of the scene in the Wizard of Oz where the witch’s feet shrivel up when the Wicked Witch of the West goes for her ruby slippers.

Feet need to move — and in many, many directions. Most of us just stand on them in cramped shoes and they can feel crushed.

A great move to pamper hardworking feet is FOOT ON THE BALL. Lie on a couch, the floor, or in bed and gently bend one knee and rest your (shoeless) foot on the ball.

Wait there until your foot begins to anchor against the ball and starts to gradually relax on the ball. If you rush it, it may feel good, but most of the work to move the ball will be done by your legs. We don’t want that. Now, start moving your foot on the ball. Rest your arch on it, then slide your foot back and rest on the ball of your foot and then finally, move to your heel. When you have done this for a minute or two, slide your foot along the ball and stretch your leg out. The ball will end up somewhere under your ankle or calf. This should not hurt, but if it does, and you need support for your knee, use a second ball. Just rest and let gravity do the job. Add some ‘sssss’ breathing sounds, too. This is a great move when you’re glued to the TV watching those long fall football games.

General tip: Strengthen and stretch
Move your feet often. Before you get out of bed in the morning, flex and stretch them several times. Also roll your ankles around. And, while drinking your morning coffee, stand at the kitchen counter and go up and down on your feet. All of these moves are easy to incorporate into your day — at your desk, standing on the coffee or grocery store line, etc.

Remember, if you’re good to your feet, there’s no telling where they’ll take you!