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Community Information

At the request of the Spring Valley Community Planning Group and the County of San Diego we are conducting a grass roots Community Outreach Program.  To date we have met with over 170 local business owners and over 10 local Homeowner Associations representing 2,200 local Spring Valley Homeowners.

The project is currently in the planning stages.  The information and the artist illustrations provided on the website resulted from many months of discussions and input from the Spring Valley Community Planning Group, the County of San Diego, local residents and local business owners.

The Proposed Development Includes:

  • A community gathering public park that includes an amphitheater, two children’s play areas, walking trails with exercise areas, picnic tables, sitting areas, large grass play areas, public art, restrooms and parking for 49 vehicles
  • A community connected walking/jogging/horse trail system
  • Beautification of Jamacha Boulevard and Sweetwater Springs Road
  • 122 single family detached homes
The Oxford Cottages, Miner Street, Costa Mesa, CA