The Miracle Ball Method

Relieve your Pain, Reduce your Stress, and Reshape your body.


Rushing is something most of us take for granted as a part of everyday life. It certainly can’t be as bad as chronic stress, poor diet, drug addition, alcoholism, and all those things we think of as obviously bad for our health. Its just a part of life.

But if rushing is simply a part of our lives, patience which is said to be a virtue, is probably not. For most of us rushing is somewhat like a tornado. It has a fierce power that draws in whatever is around it and pulls it along throughout our day. If we are in traffic, getting things done at home or at work, standing in line at a store, or being on hold for hours with the cable company, all these things are slowing us down. Like that tornado we have a direction, and nothing is going to get in our way.  We carry all these things with us as we go through our day. They also affect us when we think we are resting or at least wanting to rest.

Anxiety, Sleeplessness, chronic pain.

It may be subtle. I’m just trying to get my work done. I’m a good person, it was that driver that cut me off, I am so angry now. I’m going to cut someone else off. The receptionist better hurry up, I can’t wait here, I have things to do. Its always someone else.  This underlying current may be happening so fast, we don’t notice it. But our neck is stiff, breathing is shallow. The lower back begins to ache, and our muscles get tighter and tighter. Sleeping is difficult. I simply can’t let go and relax into sleep.  We rarely make the connection in any significant way, that rushing builds and builds and so do the negative responses on our muscle tension, and breathing. This in turn effects chronic pain, stress, and a variety of health issues.

What do we do?

The Miracle Ball MethodMost of us treat the problem. It’s my back, my tight neck and shoulders, the stress in my life. All of that is true. But I would ask is it possible to do the number of things we try to do in a day? And if it is, is it worth the toll it takes on our lives. We try to “relax and take it easy”.  I think of rushing as a habit that is a highway of thoughts going throughout our days and into years. We are constantly in a state of agitation and simply don’t even know it. Its like those children’s toys, the tops that you spin. You don’t see the movement behind it because it’s turning so fast.

My mom used to visit me. The older she got, the less amount of time she spent visiting. She was always on her way somewhere. I knew she had nowhere to go. There was a constant need to rush on to the next thing and get there. Her body was spinning like that top, you couldn’t see it. But she was gone, on to the next thing. She was now letting all the years of rushing, to something, or away from something, take over. There was little peace.

For me it has always been recognizing the connection to my physical body. My excess tension is less about the deep meaning of life, as the cumulative pressure I am putting on myself. When I do the Method, I am not looking to stop the muscle tension, breathe deeply or relax. That never worked for me. I am not even trying not to rush. It felt like another chore.

I allow my body to experience the results of the way I live. I feel the shallow breathing. I sense how hard I am holding my neck and locking my hips. And as I clearly give myself time to feel it, my body then can begin to change. Your body cannot change what it doesn’t feel. Your body/brain connection is so powerful it makes connections when you do.

It doesn’t matter how much you tell yourself to “breathe deeply” or “relax” you will be fighting what you have trained it to do. Acknowledge what you feel and feel what the body does.

Don’t Fix it Feel It

Bodies are very accommodating. It may not take a two-week vacation. The body works by feeling it. We are confused to think its about making it something different. The tornado is still there. You can make it what you want, its too powerful to ignore. Notice how you breathe, the way you are holding. Someone in another state is not holding your neck and shoulders, you are. You don’t need to make yourself breathe, that alone is stressful. People need to stop holding their breath. The body knows how to breathe.

Enjoy the gift that you can feel it. The miraculous nervous system will begin to sense the breath as small as it is. Begin to do the method. 5 minutes might be all you need and that awareness during your day that you are in this life with a body, that is giving you a lot of feedback. When rushing, you cannot feel the feedback. for videos, past webinars and more.