Talk About That Back!

Most of us have areas of the body that are extra tight at the end of a day. Sometimes that tightness can even prevent a good night’s sleep and last through the next day. For many, the low back is one of those areas. Take a look at the video and see how just bending the knees can ease the low back muscles and enhance much needed circulation. By adding the ball under your pelvis, (either one or two strategically placed), your body begins to “un”do all the extra tightening in the low back. Let gravity and this great ball placement do the work for you. 

By the way, holding our breath is also something we practice. Remember, most of us have no trouble breathing but what we don’t know is that we often ”hold” our bodies so tightly that it prevents us from breathing naturally. Take that tight ace bandage off your ribs and use the sssss sound when on the ball. Feel the relief. “Sssssuper, yes?”