That Irritating Muffin Top 

A ‘Muffin Top’ is really just a silly way of referring to the muscles around the middle of the body that are somewhat underused.

Many of us exercise and get disappointed when our shape remains the same. We want our core or waist area to slim down, tighten up, or lengthen, yet it stays the same –but– other areas of our body get tighter and tighter.

Very, very irritating.

Let’s move this picture around!

Think of the act of tying your shoelaces. If the laces are knotted you cannot create a bow. The Miracle Ball Method takes the tension down in the muscles, or, in other words, loosens some of these knots so you can begin to move differently and create the shape you want. The tightest areas of our body tend to work the hardest, and that prevents other areas like the waist from getting the chance to move freely and then slim down.

The intent of The Miracle Ball Method is not to rub, exercise or find trigger points with the ball, but to gain feeling in those underused areas of the body. ‘Find your parts,’ I always say. (We can’t move what we don’t feel.) Ribs on the Ball (page 244 in the book) is a great ball placement– although probably the hardest — and will help you loosen those tighter muscles and give you a way in to feeling and then moving the waistline. If you aren’t familiar with The Miracle Ball Method go to the Ribs on the Ball placement gradually or start with an easier ball placement.

After you use the Method and understand it a bit, look at the video and see if you can sense when you are overusing one part, and underusing another part.

As always–don’t force it. Remember “the Miracle” is your own body. Eventually, with the combination of the Miracle Ball Moves and your own exercise routine, the only muffin top you’ll know is the one on the top of your real muffin.

As always, if you don’t have the book and the Miracle Balls, you can get them here: ( and many other products that will help you Relieve + Reshape + Reduce your Stress.