Part 1: The Mind Body “Dis” Connection

We leave out that little piece when we talk about the mind body connection. Yes, there is a connection between the mind and body. Although, I would describe it more heavily towards how disconnected we are from our bodies. Many of us make the mistake that “thinking” about the body, is the same as “feeling” the body. We “think” about the body in the same way we plan our day. These are all thoughts. Its kind of like “thinking” about what you are going to eat for dinner. That is quite different than having the experience of tasting your dinner.

Thinking about your body without physically experiencing your body, will not allow your body to recover, self-adjust, and recalibrate daily. As a result, we build up years of adaptations to injuries, coping mechanisms for stress and postural issues, that can result in many chronic aches and pains.  The disconnect is important to understand because we keep “thinking” about the solutions. But it is the experience of increased “feeling” or “sensing “the physical body that will heal you. (Take a look at my classes that help reconnect your body and brain!)

I know many of you might be thinking, “I feel my body”.  You might have to take my word for it at this point. Most of us know the expression, “you don’t know, what you don’t know”. I have changed it a bit to, “you don’t feel, what you don’t feel” related to this issue of feeling your body. We are probably ruled much more by what we do not feel happening physically, than by what we do feel.

The Mind Body Health Trap

Why is this distinction between feeling and thinking important? Because without this distinction we are caught in a loop, a mind body trap. One in which we spend billions of dollars seeking solutions.  We can find ourselves trapped in thoughts of worry, “what if this never ends?”. Those stressful thoughts of course can heighten our physical discomforts as well, and round and round we go.

Many of us, and I was one of them, are overwhelmed with negative physical feelings. They can be related to stress or anxiety, chronic low back stiffness, postural issues, or past injuries. These are all “feelings” that we are trying to think our way out of. I am not suggesting there is not valuable information related to healing many chronic physical complaints. I am saying information alone, without heightening your personal ability to feel your physical body, does not work. It is the missing link between a good mind body connection, or letting our thoughts alone, which many times are inaccurate control us.

My Own Experience – Body Mind Consulting

When I was living with chronic pain, it was that one “aha” moment that changed my life. I had no idea what my body felt like other than, I just knew I had pain, and a lot it. I knew my life had permanently changed as a result. I had spent countless hours, days, years looking for solutions that worked long term. Then one day, a teacher had asked me a remarkably simple question, “how are you?” She was directing it towards what my body was doing, experiencing.  I had little to say. That began my personal journey with my body. It changed the conversation, and the relationship between my mind and body.

Next week I will give you some direction on how you can experience the difference between your thoughts and sense more of your body, in different ways. You will begin your journey. Learn the way your body can do much of the work you “thought” was all in your hands…

Have a great week. Elaine

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