Why Its So Hard to Feel Good

When most of us think about pain, we focus on the part of the body that hurts. That makes sense. If you burn your finger you’re going to attend to your finger. If you twist your ankle, you’re going to deal with what happened and take care of it. Chronic Pain is a bit different. I’m talking about the aches and pains that seem to come and go and they’re not associated with any particular thing you did. For example, things like your lower back aches, the stiffness, tight neck and shoulders, sore feet. Of course, there are many more to add to the list.

Breaking it down into three parts to improve the way you feel as a whole:

You may have had an illness or an injury. Something may have set it in motion or maybe it feels like it came out of nowhere. These physical feelings can linger, and they seem to rule your life. In fact, a lot of us do try to put some kind of narrative around these chronic aches and pains, and in some ways makes things worse because usually they’re not accurate. Its an emotional response to the discomfort. I’m not downplaying that. I did that better than most. We use these narratives as a way to solve the problem. But it actually can cause more problems. I write in my books about the Body Dialogue. Many of these thoughts are on auto pilot. But your physical body is responding to these emotions, directions, behaviors. We need to change that Dialogue. Your body will respond differently.

Another common challenge is we have SO much information. It may even be good information, but for many it simply doesn’t work. It can reinforce the narrative. It can be confusing. Think about these thoughts or emotions, along with all the information and then add in what is really happening you’re your body. In other words, do we feel our body? No we don’t. We don’t feel it in a way for it to effectively use what it does naturally, realign us, make adjustments, improve our breathing. Thoughts, and information, are different than the actual physical feeling of the body. You must break it down into parts.

Review, breaking it down.

  • Your emotional responses, Fear, anxiety, anger, frustration for example.
  • The information you may have about your body. Its your posture, discs, lack of strong core.
  • And your own personal experience with your body. The ability to actually feel your physical body. That’s the missing link. Don’t fix it Feel it.

Why is learning more, or trying a class so important?

Classes in the Method break down the different parts I just described. Once you begin to acknowledge that, then you can work on your body. Its kind of like discovering gold. You find it buried in a stream. The good feelings are possible. Your whole body knows how to align, breathe easier and make adjustments. There’s just too much noise in the room. They are not able to do what they can do because you don’t even know the feeling.

We break down the clump of confusion and allow the body to do what it knows how to do.

Do it different:

Be open minded and do something good for your body. Just like learning anything in life, there’s a learning process. It’s well worth the journey to feel good again.

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