What’s Next? Get that Authentic Experience

Thoughts about Last Saturdays Webinar:

It was great to see everyone. We shared experiences and then went through some of the directions of the method. We spoke about chronic neck and shoulder issues, breathing, arthritis and more. The directions are simple, people are not. We are all unique individuals which is why the experience of one’s own body is essential. Information alone, without giving people that experience does not work. But how do we get that authentic experience? And why does it matter for relieving chronic pain, reducing stress, and even impacting your shape?

The Missing link: Using our own bodies alignment system

Miracle Ball Method - Elaine Petrone with neck on ball

Through our senses our body knows how to recover from so much of what ails us day to day. Most people don’t realize that their bodies have this ability. They think” relax” or “let go”. Those words mean little to the actual physical body as a direction to make changes. They may be a welcome result, but not the directions.

There is a missing link between all the “information “in the marketplace, and what makes it effective. Information alone will usually not have long term effects on relieving chronic pain or stress because of our habits.

As people, we are well trained. Unless we know the part we play resulting in  chronic discomfort and even pain, we will never be free of them. Think of your body like an instrument. You may know everything about that instrument, but until you actually hear it, play it, its just information.

The Miracle Ball Method Directions:

Although miraculous can seem a tall order, I believe it is. Its hard to say exactly how it happens, but the nervous system is constantly adapting to information. If we, unknowingly feed it information of fear, and anxiety, our physical symptoms will oblige with more stiffness and less circulation. Most of us do these things unknowingly. The directions to the method, break it down. There are three parts to these chronic problems. Looking at them as one knot, produces more stress and then more discomfort.

The good news is: it’s easy to do. Let your body do a lot of the work for you.

The Miracle Ball Method - Cycle of Pain Book

Your Body will begin to give you information. This is not exercise. As you regain feeling through these simple directions, you will make new choices and then your body will readjust and align. Stress and pressure will be taken off chronically stiff areas. Circulation will improve and our thoughts begin to align with how good our body feel.

These are gradual responses that increase over time. You may get immediate relief on the ball, but I want you to feel that good off the ball. Move easier throughout your day and begin to take these simple directions with you so your body can make choices that feel good all day.

Keep learning about chronic pain and your body

Take on line classes, read the books again and notice the directions you are following and the ones you tend to overlook. There was a flight attendant with chronic shoulder pain, who had read my book 11 times. She took it with her on trips all over the world. Every time she picked it up there was something else there. The directions can be very counterintuitive. We tend to “think” we are doing them.

Be open minded. Last week’s webinar was filled with people who were open minded. It’s a key ingredient to receiving information from our body. I appreciate everyone who attended and hope to hear from.


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